The Severed Hand

Proof delivered to Bogota
What type of allies does the US have in its fight against Latin America? See Severed hand confirmed death of second rebel chief. That’s more refined and able to deal with the testing equipment of the Pentagon to use hands, and not scalps, these days.

Put aside all the theory, propaganda, and nonsense about the supposedly horrible totalitarians Fidel and Hugo. Instead, just look at the company the US government keeps on its Latin American payroll. Terrorists. Death squad terorists. And governments that run them, like Uribe’s Colombian mafia. Cutting off hands for identification is a relatively benign activity for these terrorists.

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2 Responses to The Severed Hand

  1. Avatar Old Bogus says:

    Damned. My ear collection from VN is now passe.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes it is. And I’m sure that if eyeballs (for retinal scans) could be cut out intact from official enemies of The State, that hands would also become obsolete as well, Old Bogus.

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