America needs new leadership

Dennis Loo, co-author of Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney states the case as the following. ‘Constituting a new legitimate authority from outside of the ranks of the existing leadership class and the major organs of opinion-making represents an extremely difficult feat. For that reason it hardly ever happens. Yet this is exactly what must happen; it offers the only hope for real change. Is there a basis for this to happen? Yes. Does actualizing this possibility present tremendous difficulties and obstacles? Yes. Is it impossible? No. There are really two dimensions to this question. The first is the moral dimension and the second is a practical question.’ Taken from Part Two: Doing What Must be Done… The Water Line

Yes, what must be done then? Dennis Loo continues to delineate the problem in his commentary, and divides it into a question of whether 2 economic sectors of the population can come together to provide this new leadership as counter to the Establishment leadership, or not? One sector is already on board and wants new leadership, while the other sector does not. It is the American Middle Class that just is not on board the drive to get a new leadership for America going. The working classes are already pissed off enough to try to develop this new leadership if yet they had the Middle Class’s support? Or so says Dennis Loo.

Personally, I think he might be too optimistic about where the American working class actually stands right now? However, both classes, the Working Class and the Middle Class, might be changing their views about the current Establishment leadership real soon? Change could well come in a volatile manner.

One thing though, if the Working Class does not begin to develop this counter leadership in a much more forceful manner, the American Middle Class could move itself in some very unsavory directions? Let’s hope not. Whatever the situation is, America simply needs new leadership. The ruling elites are a failure and will never reform themselves. They simply have no answers to anything in the current world, and they are conservatives and chained totally to the corporate world….YES, that corporate world which is sinking the entire World. The Middle Class will only see a new and non corporate world begin good for themselves, if the Working Class demands that forcefully.

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