Ari Fleischer blamed Saddam Hussein for 9/11…

On Hardball… YESTERDAY.
Are the Bush Fanatics really that STUPID?
Or do they just think WE are?

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  1. Avatar jonah says:

    This from Hoolinet…

    Another blog… I knew it was satire because the only way to win the Medal of Honor is to risk your own ass.

    Which Rummy never once did.

    I can’t seem to get that link code to work in the comments.

    Probably doing it wrong.

    It’ll stretch out across to the Top 10 articles sidebar.

    Donald Rumsfeld Awarded the Medal of Honor

    Written in the spring of 2006 when several former generals criticized Rumsfeld’s handling of the war. President Bush stood by Rumsfeld and praised him for doing a good job.

    Washington – pResident Bush awarded Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the nation’s highest military decoration, the Congressional Medal of Honor, today for his outstanding success in the pursuit of bin Laden as well as the marvelous triumph in Iraq. Here are some excerpts from the pResident’s speech:

    “Bin Laden is still at large 4 1/2 years after September 11th and half our army is bogged down indefinitely in Iraq. I don’t know how others qualify success, but as far as this administration is concerned, things are going great. It’s time to honor the man responsible for all this.”

    “When I first met Donald Rumsfeld I said, ‘What it that up in the sky Donald?’ He replied ’tis the sun sir.’ I said, ‘No silly, tis the moon.’ He said, ‘You are correct sir, tis the moon.’ From then on I knew I had found a leader with the wisdom, courage and vision to lead our country through this great crisis.”

    “Let’s look at his record, obviously a brilliant success. Al-Qaeda, which is led by bin Laden from Afghanistan, attacked us on September 11th. Now we have Saddam Hussein in custody and our army stuck in a bloody and expensive quagmire in Iraq. That’s right, we got the guy who didn’t do it. You think the Democrats could have done that? Only I can protect you from terrorists. We taught Saddam and those Iraqis a lesson about September 11th. And if Iran thinks they can mess with us, I think the lesson is Indonesia better look out.”

    Despite criticism of Rumsfeld from some retired generals, active duty officers continue to support Rumsfeld. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Sick O-Phant stated, “Those of us in the military are not allowed to criticize the leadership. We all support Rumsfeld. 100% of Officers under orders not to criticize Rumsfeld think he’s doing a great job. What higher praise than that is there. From the great strategists of the First World War to the Maginot Line to Westmoreland in Vietnam the great names of Military History will now be joined by Rumsfeld, all hail Rumsfeld. If you know what’s good for you.”

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