Cheney and other Perverted Torture Freak Scum…

There’s a standard, a psychological finding used to determine
when somebody is a serial killer, and determine whether he is
worthy of the death penalty.
The prosecution doesn’t actually NEED it in many cases, but they
always do the testing and make the determination.

It’s a level of sociopathy wherein one has a fetish for causing
pain, or even death, and becomes sexually aroused by it.

The same standard can be applied to torturers.

Those who do the “dirty work” themselves, and those who direct
their actions, such as George Bush and Richard Cheney.

Their clones John and Sarah as well, and those who, knowing the
bastards were engaged in these unholy perversions, supported them

There’s another Legal standard, “accomplice before and/or after the fact”.

This has also been often used in Death Penalty cases, sometimes the
“first to squeal, gets the deal” will be the one who actually
pulled the trigger.

And get a life sentence while his partners in crime get the needle,
or the gas in California or the bullet in Utah.

The standards for determining “torture” and “war crimes” used to
convict the Nazis, and lately Saddam Hussein and many of his
friends and family, also convicts Richard Cheney and his
meat-puppet George Bush.

…and the people who support them.

People like Bobby Jindal and Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, the people
who VOTED for them.

I’m often told that this is overly harsh, people say stupid crap
like the Torturers keep us safe.

But the only way a Torturer can accomplish his job is if he or she enjoys it.

On an extremely basic sexual level.

Torture, like serial murder, is a vicious form of rape.

People tell me “How dare you say that! My son, daughter, husband,
father—whoever— works at Abu Ghraib or Khandahar or Guantanamo”

Hey, the fact that the Perverts are related to the whiners who say
that doesn’t make the Perverts any less guilty.

Your son or daughter works at one of the Torture Centers, your son
or daughter is a Rapist. It is EXACTLY that simple.

The Torturers keep us safe? Are you sure?

Do you REALLY want to trust the future governance of our nation to
Perverts who get their rocks off to killing or hurting people?

They’re “only doing their jobs”? They’re not forced to take the
job. They seek out the job because it gives them an opportunity to
exercise Ultimate Control over another human being, and, because
they, like Bush and Cheney and Jindal and Gingrich, are physical
cowards… they have to have helpless victims.

They have to have their Gang back them up on everything.

They took the job not out of Patriotism or a sense of Duty, nothing
nearly that noble. They took the job because they enjoy doing it,
and some Dumbass Dubya appointee hired them to do it and gave them

The only substantial difference between them and the dude strapped
to a table with a needle in his arm, THEY have the support of “our”

And enough people who are Stupid enough to support them unconditionally.

One other thing,..

A determination of somebody being a habitual killer is strengthened
if the person attributes his actions to God.

Like George and Sarah do…

And their good friend Erik Prince, the Murderer in Chief of the
Blackwater mercenaries does…

For those of you who do support those types of action, there’s an
excellent description from Professor Churchill:

Little Eichmanns.

Just following orders, right(wing)?

4 thoughts on “Cheney and other Perverted Torture Freak Scum…

  1. The time to scream, shout, and chant EXCLUSIVELY against Republican actions is way long gone past. The Democratic Party helped them establish these policies and covered that fact up, and now that it has damaged the US government’s international standing is now trying to sweep it all back semi hidden under the rug into covert policy once again. In no way is the Obama Administration renouncing the actual use of torture, they just want it done under better cover.

    I for one am sick of the do-nothing Democratic Party liberal voters who only get themselves worked up while pointing fingers at the Republicans. There are so many of you! It has taken two to tango and the Democrats are the loyal not opposition party. So pointing the finger only at Dick Cheney and not seeing the state of symbiotic partnership that the Clintons, Pelosi, and Obama Democratic party crowd have with the Republican Party misses the target big time.

    The two parties approved overt use of torture together and they are now defending it together by refusing to prosecute the architects of its use, PLUS they say it did the job together!

    Give it up Democrats and start pointing the finger at yourselves instead of just who you consider to be others. You are not that much different at all from the Republicans you say you despise, yet who you allow your own party’s officials to make the torture rules with in cahoots.

  2. Dude, if there were a terror attack in your neighborhood, you’d be hiding under your bed like a lil kitty cat. LOL You talk like a big shot until they come for you, then you’d be begging for Cheney to return.

  3. Your only mistake is thinking there is a difference between right and left wing, There have been twice the amount of people slaughtered under Obama than Bush, there are two parties to keep the people at odds , divide and conquer, the world has never been more chaotic as under 8 years of Obama. The jihadist scourge has never been more powwrful than after he destroyed Libya and created a vacuum for his muslim murderers to gain more momentum and power , Yemen and Syria are the same thing . Open your eyes and stop being politically motivated in your writing you will sound more intelligent and knowledgeable.

  4. I’m going to put this as a post. Thank you for resurrecting it, William. I didn’t know it had been answered because at the time of the first two writings, I was being beaten and otherwise tortured for the pleasure of the Colorado and Texas establishments.

    I wonder how Dan Chinitz would handle being tortured. Maybe he would offer to fellate the pigs. Maybe not. I have no way to know.

    He just makes words that seem to be those of a coward. Maybe I’m wrong. Sounds like a Cop actually. Or somebody who wanted to be a cop but couldn’t. A sad and pathetic life.

    Maybe he’s still alive and thus a candidate for redemption.

    Who knows? Not me.

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