Barack Obama sneaking in real close

Five presidents
LOOK AT THAT CHEEKY RASCAL! He’s wearing Bush’s tie, and Bush’s lapel pin, and he’s standing right in there between the blue-bloods; like he wants to be Bush 44 and not somebody who even knows those red-tied crackers! I’ve still got my fingers crossed that this is a ruse. The minute the inauguration’s over, Obama will put his arms over the shoulders of both the Bushes and lead them straight up a scaffold.

1 thought on “Barack Obama sneaking in real close

  1. Hey! That’s a separate photo of JC and they spliced it in with the other 4 presidents. What gives? Or is Jimmy Carter the new Leaning Tower of Pisa? Or is it that he didn’t want to be seen as being too close with the other creeps? What happened?

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