Barack’s tea party

obama teapartyObama has lunch with 4 presidents. Well isn’t that nice? I wonder what they discussed at the Barack’s tea party? Did they all discuss how to better pacify Iraq, Somalia, Palestine, and Afghanistan? Did they discuss just how bloody they should make Gaza? What did the Peanut Man, Jimmy Carter have to say? Did he wear that big shit eating smile of his?

Did they talk about the trillion dollar deficit the government will have? Did they talk about how better to guarantee corporate profitability through tax money give aways? Did they laugh and giggle some? Did they have caviar at the tea party, or did they rather eat some plebeian food for the press later to let the public know, how just they all are with the Common Folk?

This is what Barack Obama calls ‘change’? This is what Democratic Party voters think of as ‘hope’? Was the tea organic tea, better to lessen the impact on the environment? Did they discuss torturing of POWs any? Was anybody sad because Dick Cheney and Al Gore could not be allowed into the photo op tea party? Was Barack’s cup for his tea China Made in China, or was it American made? Does the American public approve of how Barack handled his tea party?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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