Berkeley Daily Planet is still being harassed for tolerance of critics of Israel

berkely daily planet editorAs we began reporting in June, the BERKELEY DAILY PLANET is still under attack by Zionist extremists accusing the paper of being anti-semitic and claiming to represent the outrage of all Jews, by their threats, 20-40% of the Berkeley population. Three men: Zio-con media consultant Jim Sinkinson (editor of FLAME), Zorro trademark heir John Gertz, and internet spammer- geist “Dan Spitzer,” have been harassing the paper’s advertisers, demanding that they boycott the DP to repudiate the paper’s criticisms of Israel’s depredations in Palestine. At last local Berkeley rabbis are denunciating the tactics of the Three Stooges –for Israel.

The little gang have been bombarding the Daily Planet and its underwriters with vitriolic letters, but all three are declining interviews, and the last stooge’s physical identity may actually be in question.

Local businessman John Gertz has mounted an internet siege of the DP: a website named DP Watchdog, which hopes to reform the Berkeley institution by driving it to bankruptcy, having its editor fired, and curtailing its international coverage. Gertz’s ten page website, which doesn’t even have its own domain name, harbors a “Top Secret Business Plan” which is to supplant the DP as the Berkeley community’s new source of reporting and advertising.

“Dan Spitzer” writes letters to the editor, and makes threatening phone calls to the local businesses who advertise in the DP, but otherwise has not shown his face. His prose carry the whiff of a detractor we’ve seen at NMT. Perhaps we’ll have more to uncover as the idiot shows his hand.

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3 Responses to Berkeley Daily Planet is still being harassed for tolerance of critics of Israel

  1. Avatar Doug Stych says:

    This is a nasty business, but if anything this is probably going to help the Planet. Most people here in Berkeley are too savvy to fall for this sort of campaign in these parts, if anything Berkeley is a hotbed of Jewish liberalism and support for peace and negotiation with the Palestinians, not blind support for Israel.

    Sadly the idea that “dissenting voices must be silenced” is becoming more mainstream in modern Amerikan politics, as a symptom of that greater problem, this Planet issue is worrisome.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, I agree with you, Doug. It is a symptom of just how degenerated political discourse in the US has been for quite some time now. It is what happens when decent folk put all their energies and faith in supporting a corporate party that is not only not willing to defend basic freedoms and liberties, but actually always allies itself with the thuggish Republican Party to rule in tandem with them. You can imagine how bad it is out in places like Colorado Springs if the Far Right Wing attack can be carried to Berkeley with such seemingly ease.

    Thanks for writing to us out in the boonies Mainstream America. Glad to hear from you.

  3. Avatar Some Guy says:

    Hey, guys. I found him!

    This information is publicly available, so do what you want with it.

    Name: Dan Spitzer
    Address: 1814 Francisco St
    City: Berkeley
    State: California
    Zip Code: 94703-1313
    Phone Number: 510-644-0158
    Residence Years: 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002

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