Demo Uniform, until the lawyer comes

Kathy BoudinBefore the National Lawyers Guild issued What to do if arrested, there was THE BUST BOOK. But the 1970 paperback dealt with more than the end game. Here’s a sketch showing what to wear to a protest: sealed pockets to preempt planting of evidence, Vaseline and wet rags to counter mace and tear gas, and you might be curious about the NYT…

Making no concession that the Grey Lady had any redeeming content, the authors explained: rolled up tight, the NY Times packs a meaty wallop, after which it instantly unfurls to resemble nothing in the least felonious. Excepting the editorials.

Co-authors of The Bust Book: What to Do Until the Lawyer Comes, included Eleanor Ruskin and Kathy Boudin, of the Weather Underground.

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