Better dead than Fred?

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist using this title for my commentary. Shame on me! US Freddie Mac chief found dead … One could possibly better ask, better dead than poor, or better dead than jailed? Yes, that last might have been just it? RIP, David Kellermann.

3 thoughts on “Better dead than Fred?

  1. ‘Freddie Mac’s Kellermann sought time off for stress before death’ report at

    Kellermann is a symbol or our American times. Why all so many Americans are fighting to defend such a System is beside me to understand? We are simply a miserable and depressed people buy and large.

    Last night I helped ‘care’ for a little old man in an institution, confused and with dementia, who didn’t know where he was and could barely stand up let alone walk more than a couple of feet. He wore a tractor driving hat though that said,

    ‘Don’ blame me, I am not a Socialist.’

    What in the Hell was he talking about? I’ll never know… He was ex military. What was he defending all his life? I know that he didn’t know anything about what he was attacking. But what was he defending?

  2. If Fannie Mae did not aggressively push for people to get mortgages who could really not afford homes (smacks of Socialism), then we wouldn’t be in this terrible global financial crisis.

  3. I don’t know, Dan? I think that people have been fed a false analysis of the economic crash as being only all due to the financial sector making bad loans. IMO that is only the superficial shell to the immediate appearance of things and the crisis is actually much deeper than that.

    People do not have the money to buy all the inventory backed up whether it be overpriced houses in the suburbs, crappy overpriced medical care, GM vehicles, or crappy electronics (Circuit City), and so on. So production workers get laid off, there is then even less purchasing money available, and then more people get laid off. It is a non-stop downward spiral.

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