Bush, McCain and the Romney Boys owe us one…

The former Commander in Thief and his anointed replacement, who would have been President until Palin figured a way to Get Rid of him….
Both made “The Troops” a pledge, Bush told them that “if only my Wife and My Dawg support me, WE will remain in Iraq”

And an hour of carefully scripted photo-ops later he took his wife, his Dawg and the “he” part of “we” and got smuggled out of Iraq the same way he’d been smuggled in. He made a similar promise to the guys in Afghanistan, admiring their “Romantic” mission and wishing that he could join them, but, alas and alack, (wiping crocodile tears from his beady little chimpanzee eyes) he had a Prior Commitment in Washing Tundy Sea.

McCain echoed the sentiments, and went for a “casual’ photo-op stroll to a bazaar very near the Green Zone, to prove that it was just the same as walking to the mall in Indianapolis or wherever the hell…

Just as safe as one could be, so long as he had a platoon of soldiers, snipers standing by, a helicopter or two, and wearing body armor.

And of course, the Romney Demon-spawn saying that the reason their Big, Healthy, ChickenHawk collective arse wasn’t getting shot off in Iraq or Afghanistan was because they were on a More Important Mission, to help Daddy become the ChickenHawk Führer-in-Chief.

Funny thing, now that they got their collective arse handed to them in the election cycle, they still haven’t made good on their promise to put their money, and their arses, where their mouths are and actually LEAVE.

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