Can Palestinians identify with Jews?

Jewish is not Zionist

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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    So until the spam gets put out… at least there’s this about the topic. The differences in “bloodline” and “race” and ethnic group in the Sinai Peninsula is not just often but almost always so slight that I’d be damned if I can figure it out. Samaritan and Jew are both Israel, Edomite and Israelite comes down to not just brothers but TWIN brothers, Hebrew and Arab, etc…

    Funniest part of it, since I read the list of reasons each would have legitimate claims in Israel or Palestine or whatever definition of a patch of land that’s sixty miles at the farthest points within it… Gaza to Hebron are only 40 miles apart… but the copies of the original “title of deed” for all parties isn’t very much disputed, by the parties most involved at least.

    Just about everybody in the region is originally from that region at least in recorded time. Go back before writing and the same groups STILL have been there, according to the archaelogic record.

    And have been fighting over the same patch of dirt and rocks. All the difference is the presence of modern weapons and communications. And to end my rant (this time) I’ll remind the readers that Jerusalem, “the city of God’s Peace” is first mentioned in the middle of a war, and the last time it’s mentioned in the Christian bible it’s involved in another war.

    Thus making it the number #1 most badly misnamed place on earth, beating out even Happy, Texas and Philadelphia. (The one in Turkey and or the one in Pennsylvania).

    While I don’t have a clear plan for peace, it’s highly apparent that nobody else does either, and approximately thousands of recorded years that everybody there has tried, shows that. All we can truly say is that it’s been done wrong all this time and all anybody with a Power Plan have done is repeat the same failed policy.

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