Gilad Shalit trade goes to Israel’s head

Israeli settlers in Silwan gloat about Gilad Shalit trade rationBut that’s not news. Trade ratio of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners exchanged for one Gilad Shalit could not but encourage the Zionist notion that Israeli Jews are worth more than your average cretinous Palestinian. Of course, Palestine held only one prisoner, versus Israel’s 6,000, so Israelis might consider that Shalit was worth only 16% of real exchange rate. Mathematicians might wonder how any multiple of non-Jews could be considered equal to one Jew. Apartheid suggests you don’t want to be compared to a low-life nothing, especially at a magnitude. Really, are Palestinians supposed to make peace with that?

The trade is complicated by several factors. One, Shalit gets to go home, while many of the Palestinians are being released into exile. Likewise, Shalit returns to safety while the Israel is free to detain Palestinians at whim, those released or any multitude of other, their relatives for example, or have them killed in airstrikes. So it’s actually a raw deal.

Israel retains 5,000 captives, but if you count Gaza, described as an open air prison, what’s the number really?

3 thoughts on “Gilad Shalit trade goes to Israel’s head

  1. You forgot to mention that the 1026 prisoners are murderers of innocent civilians including babies. Any you can twist the fact, you cannot ignore the value, Israel is attributes to its citizens. Recall also who refused all the proposal for a settlement by the league of nations, the United Nations and who declared and opened wars against Israel!

  2. are murderers of innocent civilians including babies

    Like IDF and their partners/sponsors NATO and the Koal/ition of the Killing.
    IDF murders Palestinians on Racial grounds, why then aren’t they to be considered Racists? What will you do to us for saying it, get a Mossad Death Squad to come and murder US?

    Oh, that’s right, the Palestinian and Arab and Afghan and Pakistani BABIES that Mossad, IDF and NATO murders in their bombing raids are just Terrorists, right?

    So, did it give you a big rush of power watching IDF airplanes bombing civilians in Gaza? Do the pictures of Dead Arab Babies get you horny or something? Mossad hosts Torture Centers, too, do you perhaps work at one, getting your sexual giggles from the torture first hand, or do you prefer doing it from a distance, have others do your dirty work for you?

    What a pig.

  3. And what of Israeli Jewish prisoners being tortured by the Netanyahu Regime for refusing to serve in your genocidal army?

    Also, with universal conscription, which they’re in prison for refusing, doesn’t that mean that NO Israelis are civilians?

    Which would make your Hate rhetoric right in line with the worst that Goering and Goebbels ever said about Jews, something on the line that ALL Arabs are Terrorists and thus they themselves are to blame when IDF exercises the Might Makes Right option and moves them into ghettos and then bombs them?

    Interesting use of the name Israel too, to make a U.S. and British sponsored colonial enterprise look like a Messianic Prophecy, perhaps?
    If I recall correctly the modern state of Israel has a racial test to decide which of the Jews of the world get in. Ethiopia leaps to mind but that one is too obviously racist for you to consider, maybe?

    Or perhaps the “palestinian” Samaritans? You know, the ones whose kingdom bore the name Israel after Solomon died?

    Because, you know, IDF apologists here exploit the name of all the prophets, from Judah AND Israel, in the aforementioned Messianic Prophecy or their politically motivated interpretation of it.
    Ezra and Nehemiah who chronicled their own Hate Crimes against the Samaritan ISRAELITES after the Persians let them return from what’s now Iraq? Those guys for instance?

    Why don’t you chastise your American supporters for making their racism into sainthood? Because they give the Netanyahu Regime money and weapons of mass destruction?
    And the sheltering umbrella of NATO soldiers, sailors and WMDs?
    A little bit of hypocrisy going on ther, maybe?

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