The Jewish Nation

Yes, there has already been the establishment of ‘a Jewish nation’ and ‘Jewish Homeland’ since the Roman soldiers destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem after its siege in 70 AD.
khazaria kingdom

Most Christian Zionists (like Joseph Biden or Joe Lieberman, for examples) remain rather ignorant of this Jewish history though. The ‘Jewish Homeland’ was established not in Palestine, but in an area between the Black and Caspian seas, just north of what is today’s far Eastern Turkey and far Western Iran. Surprise! Not Palestine at all.

Like the Roman Emperor Constantine who made Christianity today’s dominant religion, Emperor Bulan of Khazaria made Judaism the state religion in this ‘Jewish Nation’ 600 plus years after the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans. Didn’t know anything about that? Well, it does kind of conflict with today’s mythology around Israel, does it not?

Some might not want you to know much about real Jewish history, including Zionist Jews themselves! See this link for some information about Khazaria The fact that this area of Khazaria was right next to Persia might help explain some of the current President of Iran’s (Ahmadinejad) differing ideas about the origins of the Jewish people, perhaps?

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  1. I’d venture that there is a lot that most people don’t know about 10th century Europe. Hell, I minored in history, with a focus on the Middle Ages, and I still can’t keep half of it straight. How many people know of Charlamagne, the best known figure from that era in Europe?

    Also, Khazaria, unlike Israel, was basically a situation where a political leader declared allegiance with Judaism, and thus made conversion decision on behalf of his people, rather than a place upon which diasporian Jews converged. The same sorts of decisions were made by leaders to convert to Islam, to Arian Christianity and to modern Western Christianity.

    Since the Khazars were subsequently wiped out as a people as a result of Russian conquest they have fallen into footnote status, as the focus of most historians is how what is still here got here, rather than how what came and left rose and fell.

  2. The biggest problem for Zionists with history is the fact that Palestinians have a much greater claim on the land of Palestine than Jewish people do. But Khazaria presents yet still another problem for the Zionist rewrite of history.

    Evidence is that the Jewish religion became dominant amongst all the social classes of Khazaria, and not just the religion of a ruler or two. Further, these people were of Turkish heritage and not Germanic, as the Yiddish speakers of Germany who founded the Jewish colony in Palestine principally were. To be seen by Christian America as Jewish religion being connected somewhat with Turkish history would be unseemly for Zionist apologists.

    Another problem also is the reality of the essential tolerance of Islam historically towards the Jewish religion. Khazaria, like the Moors of North Africa were later on, was a lot more tolerant of Judaism than the Christians were. That truth kind of runs counter to the racist hysteria the Jewish Zionists have needed and used to cover up for their robbery of Palestinian land and property.

    What I am saying is simply that there have been multiple reasons why this history has been kept so well under wraps in the Western World, and most of them have to do with helping Zionism do a rewrite on some basic historical truths. ‘History’ of and for the Zionists must be forced into the Fantasy landscape of the supposed Christian ‘Biblical Prophecies’ for it to garner much Western (US and Western Europe) support.

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