Charles Darwin remembered

darwin-galileoIt’s Charles Darwin’s 200 birthday tomorrow. Hooked On Books is hosting a commemorative reading from 6-7pm. We’re soliciting ideas for how to stick this to our local Fundamentalist Flat Earthers.

The idea that the earth might not be flat, was rejected because obviously it was flat, it had always been known to be flat, it was beyond any doubt, that millions of witnesses could attest to it, that the suggestion otherwise only fueled a dangerous heresy, and that the idea of the bible being wrong was purely repugnant.

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2 Responses to Charles Darwin remembered

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Galapagos damage ‘must be curbed’

    Everywhere it’s the same.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Five of us showed up to celebrate the Birthday Boy! Two were kids who wanted to discuss the movie ‘Twilight’ more than they did his Theory of Evolution. One was a dog who wanted to talk about the Beagle. And us two adults wanted to discuss The Bermuda Triangle! We’re a serious city here in Colorado Springs!

    But thanks, Comrade Andy, for bringing us all together under the Stars and Black Holes above us. After this party of yours, I now feel totally recuperated from the D-11 dump into purgatory. Beam us up, Scotty, ths planet is dying!

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