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Here’s Your Sign.

A study now indicates that people who’ve tested positive for COVID have reduced cognative abilities as compared to an average population sample. There has been a worry that those hopitalized for Covid-19 emerge with permanent brain damage among the myriad … Continue reading

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National Geographic is a nature pic zoo

January’s National Geographic featured an article about Charles Darwin. Juxtaposed against excerpts from Darwin’s diary on the Beagle, were the usual photographs of nature at its most vivid. But an image of a glacier, purporting to match Darwin’s awed description, … Continue reading

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Charles Darwin remembered

It’s Charles Darwin’s 200 birthday tomorrow. Hooked On Books is hosting a commemorative reading from 6-7pm. We’re soliciting ideas for how to stick this to our local Fundamentalist Flat Earthers. The idea that the earth might not be flat, was … Continue reading

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Man descended from Mongoloid

The National Geographic has shown its hand before. This month its cover is lent to the evolution naysayers. If you resent being told you are descended from apes, how are you going to like the inference that your common ancestor … Continue reading

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