Could Bush have bettered Obama?

Barack W. ObamaDavid Swanson describes for Tomdispatch what a GW Bush third term would have looked like. He paints a horror story continuation of all the policies which drove voters in 2008 to elect anybody but Bush. But did we? ABB Obama is proving to be quite the reliable steward of Bush’s policies of war, torture, rendition, and mercenaries, minus the public outcry. It’s change we can’t quite put our finger on.

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1 Response to Could Bush have bettered Obama?

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Cute morph, but I still think morphing the image of Gerald Ford with Obama is more in tune with reality. True that Obama fallowed the Cheney Presidency, one not recognized by many.

    The most ridiculous morph of them all though is still that Abe Obama one. It is hard to imagine the level of such naivete as the fool that came up with that idea. Or was it part of the DP packaging and marketing departments that did?

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