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The least of teargas effects are tears

Teargas has become a misnomer of course.What's being used so liberally to suppress demonstrations, to be graphically specific, is vomit-inducing PUKE-GAS. It's a nausea agent, a respiratory inhibitor, and except when used by the paramilitary police-state, "teargas" is prohibited chemical warfare.

Why hippies call them pigs

Here are a few troubling images of the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh, where police brutality insulated the globalist ministers from the anti-capitalist demonstrations.   Look at this smile. Next time they're eulogizing a policeman killed on the job, or the city proposes changing a street name to commemorate a fallen officer, think about this image. A Pittsburgh cop does not conceal a fiendish grin as he throws tear gas canisters at the G-20 protesters. Video footage captured three policemen disguised as black bloc anarchists, walking menacingly among the much younger, more educated looking demonstrators. Whether the undercover cops were intended to be provocateurs or thinly veiled intimidation is debatable. In any case, bystanders reported that these three broke cameras and can be overheard making sarcastic comments. The protesters kept them surrounded and confronted. This widely circulated video purported to show uniformed paramilitary thugs in the act of abducting a black-clad protester. The unmarked sedan pulled up, made the grab, and rolled away. Inconsistencies with the perp attire, mode of undress, and odd accessorizing, point to doubt as to whose street theater this was. God Bless 'em.

IDF targets al-Jazeera on West Bank

Did you catch it on Democracy Now? Al-Jazeera reporter Jackie Rowland, broadcasting live from the West Bank covering the weekly Palestinian protests of the Israeli Apartheid Wall at Bil'in, was interrupted by the IDF. The protesters were accustomed to being shelled with tear gas, but this time the Israeli soldiers targeted the reporter. While she was on the air, the IDF soldiers repeatedly fired gas canisters, until she could no longer speak, and a cameraman had to come to her rescue with a spare gas mask. Here's the original footage:

Teargassing the Poor People’s March

The police rioters are really too much! Here is a photo spread of their tear gassing of the Poor People's March yesterday at the RNC. You think that the US government would be ashamed of how they are looking before the entire World, but they have just completely lost it. All they seem to understand these days is how to use brute force, whether it be at home or abroad. Riot Cops Gas Docile Crowd Outside the RNC Democratic Mayor Coleman of St. Paul has been doing his part to discredit US`democracy, too, by praising the police for doing a good job! I guess he thinks that at least it doesn't look as bad as the Democratic Party '68 Convention did in Chicago? Maybe not, but then again, people are getting a glimpse worldwide of how messed up the US truly is under the Two Party System of misgovernment.