Does Florida celebrate the 4th of July?

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA- I’m looking forward to observing how Floridians celebrate the Fourth of July. During our nation’s War of Independence, La Florida fought on the side of the Brits. The territories were traded from Spain to comprise the king’s 14th and 15th colonies, and they declared nothing in 1776, except to quarter British Forces.

Later of course Florida seceded with the South to keep from having to share slave labor profits with the Union.

I would not begrudge bygones if Florida in present times didn’t remain so famously conservative. The sunburned state is full of retirees hoarding their riches, Disney fascists, and former Batista Cubans who long to see the mob and feudal sugar cane plantations restored to Cuba. Which descendant of any of these presumes to wave the Stars and Stripes tomorrow in the name of what America says it’s about?

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  1. The only member of Congress ever removed from office for a reason other than owing allegiance to a confederate state, or receiving bribes, was removed for treason in connection with the aid and comfort he offered the British and Native American tribes in conspiring to rise up against the Spanish in Florida (obviously, before it became a U.S. State).

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