George McGovern, 5pm, Colo. College

QUESTION: WHY an antiwar protest at elder statesman George McGovern’s appearance at Colorado College? (Cornerstone Arts Center, South Theater, 5PM) He supports unions, health care, progressive causes; he has been against US interventions in the Middle East, Africa and Central America, and he’s very outspoken against the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.
ANSWER: YES, but what about YOU?

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, well he also campaigned for Hillary Clinton and then switched off to supporting Barack Obama. Barack Obama supports continuing most of George W. Bush’s policies now, as do the majority of the Democratic Party politicians.

    How much pressure to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan really comes from George McGovern? Not very much I would wager. Did McGovern oppose the tax give away of trillions of dollars to the super rich that Barack Obama orchestrated? I didn’t hear about it, did you?

    The whole Democratic Party apparatus is sick, sick, sick. George McGovern included. These people are far, far away from being saints.

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