Health reform nuclear option is HR3200

Health insurance, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing –say it again. President Obama spoke of insurers as nice people who perform a valuable service, but where did the flattery get him? Industry death panels have redoubled their determination to kill the insured and uninsured alike. And facing reforms, they don’t want a “public option,” even if the deal is sweetened with a windfall of mandated insurance premiums. Isn’t it time to cut the greedy murderers from the till? H.R. 3200 proposes Medicare be expanded to cover everyone. Period. The extra coverage will be paid from current insurance company profit margins.

1 thought on “Health reform nuclear option is HR3200

  1. The Corporate Death Panels have already come out with a statement released Friday on AP saying that their profit margin is a myth.

    Meanwhile, their Pentagon Investment Group (P.I.G.) lost something like a cool hundred million cash value and 14 human lives (I know, more people died, but these 14 were owned by the Pentagon) in two separate Helicopter “accidents” the other day. Wonder if the Tea Party are going to protest THAT?

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