That’s how many Black Hawk Down?

COLO. SPRINGS- A spectacular migration of Army attack helicopters traversed the city sky yesterday, flying south to Ft Carson where they will catch trains to faraway winter fear-breeding grounds in the news.


It took only one Black Hawk Down to terminate US ground operations in Somalia. If you’re hoping such a milestone could be a benchmark for Iraq or Afghanistan, unfortunately “hawk” also denotes the plurality. How many Black Hawk have to go down before Americans cry uncle? This week we are nearer to finding out.

I know I’m mixing Apaches with Chinooks, but I’m grouping all multi-million-dollar vertical-flight aircraft together obviously to note that the US lost three over the weekend in Afghanistan, with a commensurate record setting loss of US soldiers. Which will prove the more alarming?

Earlier in the week, Brazilian paramilitary forces lost a helicopter in a gunfight over a Rio slum, where a war is suspected to have been declared on the poor in preparations for the 2016 Olympics. The significance of sophisticated weaponry downed by common insurgency tactics is not going uncelebrated.

Isn’t it interesting how the official reaction, whether you’re a spokesman for the Brazilian military or Israel’s is to deny any possibility that the aircraft might have been struck by enemy fire? Uniformly that it the denial, which almost always proves untrue. As if even the cause of the crash matters. What’s probably critical to military strategists is that opponents not receive accurate feedback about the effectiveness of whatever tactics they used.

Meaning armchair strategists have no reliable information to go on, other than to keep a tally.

3 thoughts on “That’s how many Black Hawk Down?

  1. You have to click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can see those little booger toys for the boys.

  2. The reasons for going into Somalia was different than coming into Iraq and Afghanistan. Somalia was simply to stop a major civil war and to deliver food the starving country. Ya we pulled out when a couple birds went down, but that was because no civilian likes to see there friends being killed when we were just trying to bring peace and get some food over there. We pulled out because the government did not think it was worth it.

    We went into Afghanistan and Iraq because we heard rumors of nukes. Plus they have some guys over there who are hell bent on wiping us off the map. The men and women over there now are fighting to protect those back home. Its much greater importance than just trying to uphold some morals and go and help a country who shoots back when you give a helping hand. Of course we were going to pull out once they started to fight. Do you honestly see Mozambique being able to follow them back over to America and start terrorizing Americans? No. But the few groups of men who may be hiding in Iraq or Afghanistan can and thats why we are staying over there.

  3. The ones “over there” are there fighting for Oil and Money, and Power. Nothing more. I’m sad for your gullibility, but that’s the truth. Richard Cheney, one of the architects of the Invasions, is making money hand over fist through the Chosen Corporation for Getting No-Bid Contracts. As long as the war lasts, his corporation makes money.

    You can spout all the Pentagon Lies you want, it won’t change the truth.

    You might wish to know how one could come to that conclusion. You remember the aforementioned Richard Cheney, yes? Chickenhawk, draft dodger. I don’t mind people not going to war, but some people put their lives and freedom on the line to refuse. Not so Cheney, or Bush, or Wolfowicz, or Rove, or Bush’s Brether, or Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Lie-ly, you know, the Propagandists who started the rumors of Nukes, actually Nerve Gas.

    Also which didn’t apply to Afghanistan, which had, by USAF boasting, 5 airplanes in the entire country which were destroyed on the ground within 5 minutes.

    But your propaganda masters, well, They lied. Several of the people mentioned belong to a cartel of Thieves who published their plans for domination, economic domination, using a War against Iraq on whatever grounds they could get the Truly Gullible (yourself) to believe. They call their extensively discussed plans “The Project For The New American Century” PNAC for short.

    They’re babykillers, literally from Hell, who get other people to pull the triggers on the Babies (and other people) who they want dead. They treat the soldiers and Airmen and sailors the same expendable way they treat the Unmanned Drones.

    As for “Morals” you have none. Either you never learned what Morality means or you chose to forget.

    You ought to direct your anger against the Coward Rich Bitches who wire you up to fight for THEIR gain.

    You’re not going to get paid $2 Billion in your lifetime, yet you’re perfectly willing to either kill babies yourself or through propaganda convince others to do it, so that “heroes” like Bush and Cheney can collect that kind of money.

    That $2 billion figure is just a one-time payment on a contract that Cheney’s company KBR just got from the Pentagon. If you’re not using the editorial “we” very loosely, and actually were or are a soldier, I’d suggest you go to them and file your silly-ass complaint. Those soldiers who actually believe the Lies are getting ripped off. Three ways, Hard Fast and Repeatedly.

    And not by us, and not by al Qa’eda, or the ghost of Saddam Hussein.

    Meanwhile, the “freedom” your soldiers are giving us, we had a taste of that three years ago when the Fascist Dictatorship sicked the Colorado Springs Police on us for marching in a parade for which the Fee was paid. While perhaps a thousand U.S. Military personnel looked on. Some “free” speech, eh? Apparently, we’re not even allowed FEE speech, yet you Lie to us about fighting for Freedom, for anybody.

    Incidentally, the “rumors of nukes” were started by the PNAC chickenhawks to get Really Stupid People to go and fight for them. If you wish to see a Non-Pacifist and extremely warlike list of people who repeatedly told Mr Bush and the American and British people that there were no WMDs in Iraq, try Strategic Forecasting, a very capitalist Spy-for-Profit agency who have been consistently correct on these issues.

    Also Colonel (USMC) Scott Ritter. Perhaps you can blow smoke up HIS arse about how noble and patriotic it is to go and Kill Babies To Make The Richest Even Richer.

    Also Vincent Bugliosi. Former prosecutor for Los Angeles County. One of the most prolific suppliers of Death Penalty fodder for the California Gas Chamber.

    The case against the Bush Cartel is very compelling.

    Again, too bad that you’re stupid enough to believe what paid professional liars tell you to believe. Maybe if you read a lot more you’ll get smarter.

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