Honeybees were dying because?

Lollipop by MikaNon-Bing-ers know the net is about the journey, not the destination. My search yesterday became the acquisition: from a Posterous tweet, to revisiting OK Go’s 2006 treadmill video, to their backyard dance gone-viral, to choreographer sister Trish Sie in LOLLIPOP (new tab: Mika’s highschool anthem WE ARE GOLDEN), to Sie’s PSA for Saatchie & Saatchie: HELP THE HONEY BEES. When the worry was climate change or pesticides: poor bees. Then the suspect was GMOs.

1 thought on “Honeybees were dying because?

  1. Poor us. The bees feed US not the other way around.
    One thing is they get carried around to fields, square mile upon square mile of one type of plant, one type of flower.
    For a month or more for each type of crop. That can’t possibly be healthy.

    I’ve heard one shaman who’s of the opinion that the bees are simply committing mass suicide. Earth’s way of quitting.

    As for bing or Bing or however it’s pronounced (heeehhheeee)
    I sacrificed a partition on one of my drives for Winbloze. Updated IE and flash player, all to run a Virtual Hypnosis program.
    So it defaulted to MSN and the default search engine, Bing.

    I tried it, I admit. Shamefacedly.

    It seems no matter what the search terms entered, Bing is going to have the first three or four results as people putting down Google.
    “Man, if you type in bees dying in Google it really sux how much information you get. I like to be undereducated and have other people decide what I want to see. Bad Wicked Google trying to make people think.”

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