Silly honeybee, High Fructose Corn Syrup is for kids, American humans, fat

If you’d like one reason to despise corporate honey producers, how’s this? Humans come by honey because of the largess of bees. Beekeepers harvest the surplus as honeybees go about –what we’ve learned is their more critical responsibility for human interests– pollinating our crops. Unfortunately it’s become more profitable to milk the hives of more of the honey and leave sugar water or High Fructose Corn Syrup for the hardworking honeybees. Yes it’s killing them.

Never mind it’s suspected as the leading cause of why American honeybees are dying off, it’s crude and parasitic. There might have been a time we’d say it was un-American.

HFCS-induced obesity and diabetes is too gentle a fate for greedy beekeepers. Likewise for cattle farmers who sell the milk, leaving their calves to nurse on a concocted dilution containing cow’s blood and other dairy substitutes — care to wager HFCS is not among them?

You can avoid Big Agra honey, and no doubt any processed foods which market themselves as containing honey. Although, you might check the label, most often the corporate nutritionists have already swapped out your honey for HFCS.

2 thoughts on “Silly honeybee, High Fructose Corn Syrup is for kids, American humans, fat

  1. A workman is worthy of his hire, a righteous man careth for his beasts…
    Those are proverbs interpreting a part of the Law of Moses, “do not muzzle thine oxen as they tread the corn”.
    It’s their paycheck for work the farmer wouldn’t be able to do himself, capital in a microcosm.
    Threshing wheat and grinding it would be a mere hour’s amusement worth of labor compared to what bees do for us.

    Wait until they start experimenting by putting in increased doses of aspartame and saccharine and similar to boost production of honey. Wouldn’t be substantially different in nutritional toxicity. I just can’t wait to pour me a heapin’ helpin’ on my biscuits. Use some form of artificial butter too.

    You remember the term ersatz? The Nazi government developed all kinds of non-nutritious foods that would do really nothing more than keep your belly from hurting as you slowly starved. Bread with sawdust in it. Yeah.

    I’m waiting now to see what kind of ersatz the good people of Dow and Monsanto are going to whip up for us. Cheese made from refinery waste, who knows?
    WW2 style rationing pamphlets only this time with recipes for rodents and insects instead of just potatoes.

    I think it’s an ersatz economy, designed to keep the people from rising up and killing the Masters before they complete their rape and pillage of the rest of us. Maybe they’ll focus on a new super-drug to keep us addled as well.

    They smell death on the wind and they’re going to hoard what’s left of the real food for themselves.

  2. Ted McLaughlin at Rag Blog and Job’s Anger agrees…

    We’ll get fake honey and petro-butter to spread on our Soylent Green pancakes.

    A heapin’ bowl of Shredded Leviticus. They only care for those points of the Law they think allow them to kill people.
    The parts against genetic engineering, poisoning their neighbors’ wells, keeping way too many cattle in a permanent “pasture” made of concrete, steel and plastic, where they’re fed the “Roundup Ready” soybeans and recombinant bovine growth hormone and antibiotics.

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