Honor heroes not war criminals

Honor heroes not war criminalsA special Memorial Day banner for those who would confuse supporting our troops for a blank check endorsement of militarism. Remember the dead and veterans of 1812. No subsequent war has been about protecting American freedoms, but rather to increase our imperial business interests overseas. Declare another holiday if you must for the blimp-necked brutes who supply the muscle for US belligerency.

1 thought on “Honor heroes not war criminals

  1. I agree with your assessment of the wars since 1812, being “to increase our imperial business interests overseas.” except for the civil war, which was to strip the sovereignty of the states, and bring the country under a centrally-powerful collectivist regime. I do believe, however, that by painting the members of the u.S military with such a wide brush, you do a grave disservice to those members who join to try to help hold on to what small scrap of liberty remains to us. These men do not fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, because they believe the wars to be just, but because they made an oath to go where their commanders sent them. In their secret hearts, they do not fight for “American freedom and liberty”, they fight for their personal honor, because they swore they would.

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