US Marines embed officer in Daily Show

Rob Riggle Daily Show US Marine
NPR just outed Rob Riggle! Maybe you knew it already, I did not, but Comedian Rob Riggle of the Daily Show is a Marine Corps Reserves Officer! The news story this Memorial Day being that Riggle just got promoted. His duty in the Marines? Public Relations Officer! On the DAILY SHOW, handling public relations, and he earned a promotion WTF!

We think of reservists like dry-season firefighters: in theory, volunteering to assist in times of crisis. Certainly “putting out fires” defines the challenges of media relations too.

Since when has it been okay to spend defense funding on making palatable what the military does? Defense Department propaganda aimed at the home front public used to be forbidden, when Josef Goebbels was still a bad example. Now we accept paying soldiers to kill civilians, and we need soldiers stationed in LA to keep us in a laughing mood about it.

So which is Rob Riggle’s day job, and which is his reservist post? Riggle’s reserve duty is mentioned in his Daily Show bio, as if he is a soldier. Basically Riggle is a military propagandist embedded with the Comedy Network.

3 thoughts on “US Marines embed officer in Daily Show

  1. off the subject but isn’t it funny that Colorado College starts each school year with classes ON Labor Day but is closed on Memorial Day? freaking war mongering elitist college

  2. The government must have spent years secretly training him as a comedian before forcing Comedy Central to compell Jon Stewart give him a recurring part on the Daily Show. Imperialist dupes. Resist militaristic propaganda- Boycot the Daily Show! Close down the secret comedian training camps.

  3. A possibility to be sure, but a simpler explanation would be that Riggle is like any other corporate media sell-out, only paid directly by the military branch.

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