Ireland did not like occupation either

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I think there’s an interesting St Patrick’s Day theme in the making… Americans have always opposed occupation. Irish Americans supported the IRA’s fight against the British. And wasn’t our first mantra “Don’t Tread on Me?”

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12 Responses to Ireland did not like occupation either

  1. The Palestinian Jews apparently didn’t like the Same Heavy Handed British Army tactics which were being deployed in Belfast and Derry and all points in between either.

    And used the same tactics the IRA and now Hamas used and use, to harry and KILL the British Overlords.

    The ones IDF, which was born of that “guerrilla” organization,

    Which had no uniforms, no “bases, flags or insignia” to separate their fighters from the Civilian Population, sound familiar?

    And now uses the same Arrogant British Tactics which have repeatedly failed everywhere on the Planet to suppress a movement in Palestine which eerily mirrors their own not-so-humble beginnings.

    Except they don’t officially claim Royal Ownership over Palestine…

  2. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Have the Palestinians not been offered multiple opportunities to fully express their nationalistic aspirations with statehood? You seem to suggest otherwise.

  3. Statehood under Israeli Control?

    Like giving Israel the “right” to invade, search, arrest, kill, whenever they want?

    You know, like the current Invasion.

  4. The British, by the way, offered the same deal both to the Jewish Palestinian “Mandate” and to Ireland.

    They also offered the same deal to the United States even AFTER Independence, up until 1814.

    Surely you have a Better Idea?

    Because the “Nation Without National Right To Self Defense” part didn’t work out too much Whoop-dee-Diddlie-Doo for the British..

    You’ll notice if you ever DO get up from your keyboard in your Mom’s Basement and go to Jerusalem there’s not any British Flags flying over every government office.

    Same in Belfast, Dublin and Washington.

    Or Downtown Newark New Jersey either.

  5. Avatar David Stengler says:

    The Palestinians were offered statehood in 1937 by the Peel Commission and, 10 years later, by the UN, which would have provided an autonomous state. In 2000, Israeli PM Barak offered the Palestinians nearly 100% autonomy of both Gaza and the West Bank, which Arafat walked away from—An offer attractive enough, as mentioned previously, as to prompt Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar to remark that Arafat’s rejection of the israeli ofer was “more than a tragedy, it was a crime” The Israelis are weary of fighting with the Palestinians and want a Palestinian state that would, presumably, allow both sides to live in peace. Israel left Gaza with a land-for-peace gesture thathas, thus far, resulted in Israel giving up land and not receiving peace. When the Palestinians first establish a coalition government of their own and renounce violence, they can then start negotiating with Israel about dismantling the West Bank settlements. Until that happens, stability in the region is only tentative, at best.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Tapoed insert of pre-writ spam.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yawn…. Cybor Idiot!

  8. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Try to at least act mature and intelligent in your responses.

  9. Avatar jonah says:

    Yes, we must act like david/melissa/denise/abdul da bul bul bulbar david-again and spam other peoples’ weblogs with propaganda.

    It’s the “American” Way..

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘David’, we are going to begin to clean up the blog’s language. Are you with us on that? If you tape in pre-written amterial or badger others you will have your comments removed. Otherwise you will be OK.

  11. Avatar David Stengler says:

    Sounds fair.

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    OK then, David, we can move forward some from this point. I might add that this blog is about more than points dealing with Israel or its government’s policies. In fact, before we got into a battle with this spamming device that Israel is clearly using to put its propaganda line on the internet, we were mainly posting to other subjects and themes.

    We have no objection to supporters of Israel posting their opinions, but we do take objection to software that is designed to down a web site or blog, as is the ‘Internet Megaphone’ and the ‘army of bloggers’ idea. We will not allow this site to literally be flooded by a program designed to do just that. Otherwise, you are free to put forward your opinions within reason.

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