IT demands proof…

Of anything WE write. Perhaps It should take the challenge…

  • Show US proof that YOU actually exist other than a Yahoo ID, Hotmail or gmail ID created yesterday.
    Many Commercial sites don’t even respond to such IDs because they’re effectively ANONYMOUS
    And are used many times for Spam and E-Mail Scam operations.
    And E-Bay doesn’t accept them as your actual Email identity.
    and the commercial sites that don’t accept your Bull-poo-poo Yahoo ID also turn it over automatically to SpamCop and other
    Anti-Spam World Wide Web databases.
  • What say, Eric, Tony, Marie?

    Should NMT subscribe to one of those databases?

    1) Did Someone Say Credibility?

    As in somebody who doesn’t even use a Real Name To Describe ITself, and keeps telling us that everything WE say must be outright Lies because IT has Imperial Military Sources which say that Invasions, Occupations and Mass Slaughter are actually manifestations of Freedom…

    And that IT considers and believes that anything which Gainsays the word of Professional Killers just could not possibly be true or worthy of consideration.

    It has also said in all of ITs many many “personalities” that we’re so stupid and crazy and Left Wing that we’re really not worth IT writing anything to us blah blah blah blah blah

    Kind of like Charlie Browns Teacher… wa woo wah wah wuh….

    But has “wasted ITs time” posting hundreds of links to Military Sources and their Propaganda Outlets like the New York Post and really Any Outlet Related To DumFox Noose NutWerx.

    All done, so it seems, from the Kindness of ITs heart.

    Of Course.

    2) In case IT didn’t catch the hint…

    IT has been not only CALLED a Liar IT has proven the point repeatedly that IT is a Liar or perhaps a loosely organized co-op of Liars working together.

    Funny how the only actual ISRAELIS who have had the courage to link to their writings are Peace Activists which IT has also spammed in ITs many “independent” personalities.

    I invite the Casual Reader or even the Serious Student of the issues to glance over to the left hand side of the screen and view ITs name repeated over and over, until you scroll through the pages to find where ITs “persona” has been seriously challenged and ITs name, National Identity, Faith, even ITs gender mysteriously changes… and so forth through it’s many incarnations.

    On the Right Hand Side of the screen you’ll notice a HUGE number of posts listed, 106,73,52 etc etc etc but THIS link you’re reading now is the most important of them all

    IT cyber-screams and cyber-wails that we’re not being “fair” to IT and that calling IT a liar is somehow censorship.

    IT has also not provided ANY proof or even Evidence that IT has done or written ANYTHING on the World Wide Web or in Newspapers, Broadcast Media or even College Publications other than what IT has written here.

    That last is Important because several of ITs “identities” claim to have gone to various Universities and to be officers in Various Military Services.

    Which would mean they I mean IT, if it were an officer in ANY Military Branch would have had to go to college.

    IT has not produced one single link to say, a Baccalaureate Thesis or even higher Graduate Student writings of any kind authored by IT.

    You will recognize IT by ITs hysteria in condemning us for exposing IT for what it and ITs enormous collection of plagiarized from other sources “Proof” that we’re all a bunch of Racist Anti-Semitic Hate-Speech Disseminators who

    aren’t worth ITs time and effort to reply to our ravings, (except IT has, hundreds and hundreds of times)

    3) Tell us, O Spammer-one… Do you have a Real Job?

    Because you’ve apparently been spending all your spare time HERE, telling us and, of course, our Readers who you claim we don’t have, that you’re a College Graduate, a Military Officer, Another Military Officer, Whatever the Latest Count of your Fake User Identities is…

    Surely somebody of such Education, Experience and Importance in the Community would actually have a REAL job somewhere, or like me be a disabled individual, who would STILL have to take time off for Physical Therapy, Doctors visits, trips to the Grocery Store, picking up the kids from school… You know, the type of Real Life activities most people engage in at least some of the time.

    Somebody with your Vast Experience in Middle East affairs, as you claim, SHOULD be shuttling between Washington, Tel Aviv, Amman, Rihyad, Cairo, Baghdad, Kabul….

    Brokering Peace talks, doing SOMETHING real about the Peace Process or, as we like to call it “The Washington Continuous War Because It’s Good For Our Corporate Profits” process.

    Which you’re apparently not actively involved in the War either, or at least not on a Personal Basis.

    Tony, Eric, Marie, myself, a few of the others who routinely post, well, ALL of the Others who routinely post, are actually REAL People.

    We’ve for the most part met each other, know each other…

    Even the Military Policeman who posted about somehow Redeeming His Soul by giving candy and cigarettes to a prisoner he was escorting to the Death-Camp at Bagram AFB is a Real Person.

    With a REAL Job.

    Even though neither he nor his job are very savory or honorable.

    So, Wazzup, Dawg?

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    Brother Jonah

    About Brother Jonah

    Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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    24 Responses to IT demands proof…

    1. Avatar David Stengler says:

      I just pinched myself and, sure enough, I do really exist. Should I scan my driver’s license or passport to prove I really exist?

    2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      We know you exist. That is the problem. You are like a cyborg of sorts though. Half Computer and Half Dumb Idiot….welded together.

    3. Proof that you’ve written anything else, ever?

      Maybe, like your “Melissa” face declined to do, prove that you’ve ever once defied Your Master by writing anything at all critical of the Known Excesses of te U.S. or British or Israeli Military?


      I see that you need a computer of your very own, with of course Internet capabilities, since you’re reduced to, you know, sharing a computer with David Haddad, Melissa, Denise, Abdul da bul-bul Bulbar, …

      It must be really uncomfortable living in the same house, apartment, cellar, closet… with all those others…

      I could sell you a really good computer, with of course the best operating system there is, as you can see obviously internet capable.

      Of course, you would have to buy an Internet Service account, who knows, maybe if you get a Real Job you can buy your own Weblog. has some pretty good deals, if you buy it by the year you could skate with a year’s hosting, and the Domain Name, and even the WordPress software such as this website you seem so intent on having for the small cost to you of Spamming Living Hell out of it.

      All for under a hundred, and if you purchase such a package on a Ten Year basis you get the service for about fifty.

      Oh, that’s right, it would involve an Honest Commitment and actually paying your own way.

      My Bad, Never Mind and all that…

    4. Avatar David Stengler says:

      “Maybe, like your “Melissa” face declined to do, prove that you’ve ever once defied Your Master by writing anything at all critical of the Known Excesses of te U.S. or British or Israeli Military?”

      Can you prove that you’ve ever once defied Hamas or other Palestinian regimes, such as Fatah and Arafat? I already posed this queston to you, in exchange for stating my opposition to Israel’s settlement policy, which you neglected to answer. So, once again: What policy or actions of Hamas, Fatah and Arafat have you opposed?

    5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      Stupid Machine Guy, I just wrote not to long ago that I am not supportive of Hamas at all. But your enemy is not Hamas but the Palestinian people themselves.

    6. For a person just clicking on this topic, I haven’t the foggiest notion what you are talking about here, it appears disjointed and to not have a topic explained. Too much caffeine?

      If you are having problems with a poster of comments, make your comments section moderated. If someone is asking for your bonafides, get a security certificate through your ISP or reputable rep like thawt…

    7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      Good point, Christopher. We may have to go to moderating comments again but it slows the blog discussions down a lot. See my latest commentary about what we have hitting this site at present.

    8. Avatar David Stengler says:

      Does moderation entail automatic censorship of views and deletion of posts merely based on divergence from the anti-Israel house opinion?

    9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      No, it doesn’t. Right now your ‘Internet Megaphone’ is still allowed in. But that will end soon. Gratuitous insults pasted together with long pre-written material from the Internet Megaphone spamware machine will be removed though. Honest people who do disagree with us that are not connected with this coordinated Israeli military propaganda attack will not be removed.

      More and more people will figure you out, even without Haaretz having to explain things to them.

    10. Avatar David Stengler says:

      You’re accusing me of insults? Pot calling the kettle black. Your potty mouth should be washed out with Manischewitz wine.

    11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      No, I accused the Spam Gun of which you are only a cyborg part of of only offering up rudeness, insults, and paste ons from the software part of your system that comes from the Israeli military propaganda people. You, ‘David’, are only a small rotating part of this system of systematic attack on us. You personally can hardly even add anything beyond an insult here and there to their paste ons.

    12. Avatar David Stengler says:

      You have called posters all manner of vulgarities, so, don’t try to now backpedal. Anyone can read your hysterical, insulting, profanity-laden posts. Maybe YOU shouldn’t be permitted on this site since you drag it into the gutter with your coarseness.

    13. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      All very nice, but I post to the political points, too. You are not doing any of that. You are a paste together insults and pre-written stuff guy, little David. Not one of your multiple identities has actually admitted to being part of a System Attack against antiZionist web sites, something which even Haaretz has now documented and commented upon.

    14. Avatar jonah says:

      Well, Did IDF ever Identify the sniper?

      I mean, they killed some of the Doctor’s family, destroyed his house, and said there was a sniper…

      There must be SOME evidence, you know, bullets dug out of a wall from behind the IDF “soldiers”, they knew where the shots came from, and where the IDF were standing (apparently none of them got hit either)… so they would have a good idea where to look for bullets…

      Bullets don’t just disappear, there’s bullets being dug up at Custer National Battlefield that are being used to question the official versions of an event that happened in 18fuckin’76, matched up with the rifles issued to individual troopers.

      There’s bullets being unearthed at the ALAMO, dude or dudette… that draw into question the Official Story.

      Bullets from a “crime scene” like a Sniper Attack against the poor, defenseless Heavily Armed invaders belonging to the fourth largest military in the WORLD, MAN (woman, two men and one woman, three women and one man, or whatever the Cyber-Equivalent must be)

      But seriously, there would have been Physical Evidence…

      And that evidence would have been preserved, as vital to the investigation, for instance, every time a “terrorist” with a rifle was killed and tried and convicted post-mortem and all, there would be forensic analysis of the ballistics in order to find out if the rifle matched any bullets taken from dead Israelis, and, since you insist that every Civilian killed in Gaza was the work of Hamas, any bullets taken from the bodies of Palestinians.

      So, what caliber rifle was “The Sniper” using?

      What was his name?

      How MANY shots were fired?

      Enquiring minds want to know…

      By the way, knowing how you are a stickler for accuracy, that’s not a misspelt word, it’s an advertising campaign from the National Enquirer from decades ago.

      Heaven forfend, for instance, that we should misquote One Uniformed Thug by attributing his Rabid Bullshit to another Uniformed Thug.

      Why don’t you question ANYTHING said by IDF?

      I mean, EVER?

      I asked another one of your Puppets if she/he had ever done anything at all, even so much as a Letter to the Editor, about the American Indian Movement and our fight against those who occupy OUR ancestral land, not to get out or disappear or anything, but to simply recognize our rights on what’s left…

      No response whatsoever.

      You know, Muslims remember the treachery of Richard Couer De Leon from a thousand fuckin’ years ago, ooopsie 900 years…

      That’s a long time.

      War crimes, murdering prisoners and murdering civilians.

      Christians and U.S. Army (the two groups are NOT the same) curse him for being a total dumbass and setting in motion a chain of events with back and forth atrocities…

      How long do YOU think it would take to erase IDF atrocities?

    15. Avatar jonah says:

      Oh, Christopher, this is a compilation of THREE posts which were combined into one earlier today.

      The running commentary with the 25-30 “separate persons” is actually being done with one particular computer.

      So if I answer “It” or question “it” in the comments section of one post on a subject it broached on another post, IT understands, even if IT pretends otherwise.

      The dude-or-dudette is not only mentally unbalanced but Morally Deficient, and there’s good reason to believe that it’s actually several people using the one computer as a pass-through, packet forwarding, kind of like a firewall, in order to mask its or their true location and identities.

      I asked it in another comment about a half hour ago, when it insisted that stopping the Spam would be unfair censorship, if WE therefore had an unconditional right to demand Half the daily output of the Jerusalem Post or Fox News Networks to put out our side of the debate.

      It hasn’t responded.

      Like I said, Morally Deficient.

    16. Avatar David Stengler says:

      When you make baseless claims that the IDF “killed” Dr Izzeldeen Abuelaish’s family, you degrade yourself as you use the terrible deaths for your own measely and hateful political purposes. The doctor is not using this incident to bash the IDF so why are you? You weren’t even there, you’re just a spectator in Colorado. You don’t give a damn about his daughters, it merely is fodder for your anti-Israel bashing machine. You are a disgrace! The facts are, and there is an abundance of reliable documentation to prove it, that Hamas set up shop in civilian areas, shooting at the IDF from all manner of buildings, from homes to schools to hospitals and mosques. It was insanity. And,to further complicate matters, under international law and rules of war, the IDF was on legal ground in firing at anyone they deemed an enemy target, EVEN IF THEY MADE MISTAKES. Understand this: Under international law, mistakes do not constitute war crimes. Where you get into hysterics is in accusing the IDF of murder because of casualties. Every war has casualties, that’s the reality of war. Casualties are not automatic murders. Before you accuse the IDF of killing anyone or of war crimes, take the time, please, to educate yourself on the applicable laws surrounding the situation. You would do yourself and your readers a service in writing from an informed perspective.

    17. Avatar jonah says:

      Bitch We don’t have to prove anything to YOU.

      Baseless? It was an Israeli Explosive Shell that Tore Into His House And Killed His Kids and his Niece.

      What more “Base” do we need to challenge the Outright Lies Of YOUR Murdering Masters?

      IDF MURDERED them and offers no proof of it being an accident other than The Word of the Murderers Themselves?

      YOU don’t get to set the tone for Civil Discourse.

      Making the Demand that we Respect you while you Attack OUR weblog is Arrogance beyond belief.

      That replaces the guy killing his mom and dad then asking the Judge for mercy because he’s an orphan.

      Congratulations, Arrogant Troll, you have successfully updated the Yiddish Proverb about the Classic Definition of Chutzpah.

      I’m sure your mother would be proud of you if you hadn’t killed and eaten her.

      Yeah, that WAS a deliberate insult, PUNK… what are you gonna do, send an IDF tank squad around to blow up MY house?

    18. Avatar David Stengler says:

      Jonah, going forward, you really might think twice–maybe thrice–before you hit the submit button. Your language and your whole thought processes are appalling and do you and your cause a huge disservice. Just trying to help you in the interest of civil and rational discourse.

    19. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      David, comments like those just made will have me using the delete button for your material and any other coming in through the Israeli designed software program you are now using. We will start today and will begin gently for you to begin to get the message slowly.

      Protest all you want for all we care, but you have no right to create an abusive environment for us and any non Internet Megaphone readers on our own blog while saying nothing other than throwing personal insults out. Get the message?

      ‘you degrade yourself as you use the terrible deaths for your own measely and hateful political purposes.’

      ‘Your language and your whole thought processes are appalling and do you and your cause a huge disservice.’

    20. Avatar David Stengler says:

      Since you and Jonah are either unwilling or unable to cite instances where you disagree with even one Hamas policy, in reciprocal response to my being asked to do same with Israeli policies, I’ve conveniently provided not one but numerous policies with which you can choose to disagree. No need to thank me, I’m a giver…

    21. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      OK. Enough ‘debate’ about what will be appropriate behavior on the blog.

    22. Avatar JT says:

      It’s clear to see this site has not just one dumbass but an entire arsenal of them who should be happy with the current socialist rule of the USSA. Wish I wouldn’t have stumbled here on something completely unrelated to politics.

    23. Avatar Tony Logan says:

      A Right Wing jackass is somebody who can say absolutely nothing other than to insult others (liberals and Leftists) by calling them jackasses. You now have written 3 comments on this blog and that’s about the extent of you, JT. The trademark of you dumbasses is that you always write to Left of NaziLand blogs and just vomit out driveby insults.

    24. Avatar jonah says:

      Sounds like somebody who wishes he had the courage to enlist in the Killing Machine.

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