Israel has always been genocidal

Israeli and Palestinian sides
Zionist puppet Hillary Clinton
declares she will NOT talk to Hamas. So why the Hell is she going to be Secretary of State, again?
UN President Accuses Israel of Genocide.

Neo-Nazi Israel planning to demolish hospitals in Gaza.

Nazi troops have already massacred over 1,000 people in Gaza.

More Jewish protests against ZioNazi war crimes in Gaza.

Israel preparing to nuke Iran before Bush leaves office next week?

The Bible is a handbook of genocide. After the exodus, God told the Jews to go into the land and drive the natives out, and to kill every man, woman and child who remained. This is beyond dispute, it is right there in the text. So, one must come to one of two conclusions, either God is a genocidal maniac, or the book is a lie written by genocidal maniacs, to excuse their crimes. Either way, Judaism exists because of genocide, and what Israel is doing in Gaza is just a modern recurrence of what the evil they brought to the region over 3,000 years ago. They believe that they are the only people on the planet who matter, and anything they want belongs to them. No wonder the world keeps driving the Jews out.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
–Martin Luther King, Jr.

Enough. It’s time for a boycott. By Naomi Klein

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Jan 14 notes,

2 thoughts on “Israel has always been genocidal

  1. As to Israel independently? launching an attack on Iran, that is not the case. If Israel does attack Iran? and I think that it might well happen, it is with the full support of the Barack Obama CHANGE guy and his House of Clintonite Hacks. It will be with the full support of the Democratic Party of militarists which the liberal Peacecrat idiots (sorry, Marie, but it’s got to be said) voted into office.

    These Peacecrat religious types out of the American Friends, Catholic Church, Unitarian Church, and so on… just don’t have the guts, intelligence, or simple understanding of what’s going on to stand up and organize an opposition to the Democratic Party militarists. They don’t want to be anything other the cheerleaders for America in this worldwide conflict underway, and that means to them talking ‘Peace’ all the time, staying at one with their Fellow ‘mericans, and generally doing just nothing. They hope nobody really notices either.

    To the religious Peacecrats this is an inter-religious war going on in Gaza, and they don’t want to see any geo-political angle of the conflict being brought up. That way most of what can be said can be kept touchy-feely New Age Christian in angle. Very sad, since the secular Left just has not been building any Movement for anything in this country, and is very immobile and non-organized itself.

    This could well become one hell of a bloody and nasty conflict that could dwarf all the other post WW2 wars in bloodshed quite quickly? To that, we can only blame the American people for sitting by and buying all their elites’ propaganda the same way as the Germans got sunk into their own quicksand of elite propaganda in WW2. Eventually though, there is no guarantee that the US will come out in as good a situation as the Germans and Japanese did post WW2. The planet is getting weary of the human race.

  2. all jews need 2 stop hating on the arabs because at the end of the games allah will always be with us and his messenger Phophet Muhammad. Islam will dominant and grow share…just wait and see!!!!

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