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‘Austere’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel muddles around in Greece

‘Just minutes before Merkel arrived in downtown Athens, protesters dressed as Nazi officers rolled into Syntagma Square, outside the Greek Parliament building, in a military jeep festooned with swastika-stamped flags… …Her visit revived haunting memories of the Nazi occupation of Greece. Placards and banners across the capital brought swastikas back to the streets of Athens, only this time put out by Greeks themselves to mock and criticize Germany. Some protesters referred to Merkel as “the new Fuhrer.” “History is repeating itself,” said Georgia Taragi, a 59-year-old pensioner. “Only this time we won’t stand for it. Greeks have awakened.”‘ See German leader Merkel greeted by protesters in Greece

What are we in the US to call our very own American pushers of austerity for the poor and bailouts for the rich?
After all, all the Mitt Romneys and Barack Obamas ever talk about is how we need to defund Social Security, social programs, public schools, and local governments.

Inside Europe, German government has become the big enforcer of austerity programs used against the common folk of Greece.

US-backed Pakistan dictatorship halts own citizens protesting US bombing

The US government is allied militarily with some of the rattiest dictatorships of the world, as our criminal politician leaders tell us that it is them who supposedly are bringing democracy to the rest of the world! US backed Pakistan dictatorship halts Pakistani citizen antiwar demonstration against bombing by the US of their own country! See reporting about how the thuggish Pakistani government has stopped a protest against the US government’s bombing of its own citizens. Does that look like democracy in action either in the US or Pakistan? It doesn’t to us here at Not My Tribe. Pakistan halts anti-drone protest led by ex-cricketer Imran Khan.

Spain responds with Police State violence used against anti austerity demonstrators

The bankers of Europe and the US are terrorizing entire countries in Europe, and nowhere more so than in Greece and Spain, where unemployment is already the current fate for 1/4 for the working population. Miners are in the forefront of the resistance against new government attacks against the standard of living of the Spanish people. Spain police, miners clash in Madrid protest. Also see a youtube video of the latest politce attacks on demonstrators…Fierce clashes in Madrid! Spanish police fire rubber bullets at miners protest! EXCLUSIVE VIDEO !!!

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate in Hong Kong against Chinese crony capitalism

‘Earlier, China’s visiting President Hu Jintao swore in businessman CY Leung as the territory’s new leader. One of the main complaints was that the system used to choose Hong Kong’s leader is designed to install Beijing’s choice. A so-called electoral college of 1,200 business leaders and other influential citizens, mostly loyal to Beijing, selects the leader.’ …See Mass protests as Hong Kong marks 15 years under China. What would Mao Zedong do? It’s a fair guess that he would not call upon the capitalist class to choose the representative of the people of Hong Kong as Hu has done. What would Jesus do? It’s a fair guess that he would have been at the protest march. …lol… Now let us pray.

Protests to continue in Quebec

Negotiations just broke down between the reactionary provincial government of Quebec and the student leadership of the mass movement against tuition hikes, that one week ago mobilized the largest demonstration ever seen in Quebec Province. 250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec

Protests do bring change…. BUT ONLY if the protesters continue them nonstop until the change looked for is brought about. Now is not the time to stop protesting against government austerity programs. Now is the time, here in the US, to begin protesting. Without it we will accomplish nothing.

‘Blockupy’ protests in Frankfurt, Germany mobilize tens of thousands against schemes of the banks

As Occupy mobilizes against NATO in Chicago ‘Blockupy’ mobilizes against the banks in Europe, which are trying to force millions of people into cutbacks and austerity as the super rich continue to feast on government tax monies. Thousands March Against Austerity in Frankfurt.

The Occupy Movement highlights opposing NATO in its coming protest

NATO, like the United Nations itself, has become nothing more than a military appendage to the Pentagon and D.C.’s imperialist foreign policies. As such, it is a wide open gullet where our tax monies are fed to promote continuous warfare around the globe. The Occupy Movement is 100% right to make NATO the central target for its next protest against the 1% Establishment. Occupy Chicago NATO Week of Actions Preview

The system was never broken, it was built this way. #occupywallstreet

The system was never broken, it was built this wayOCCUPIED WALL STREET, NYC– Protests enter their third workweek in Liberty Plaza where the cold has arrived but demonstrators are still prohibited from having shelter. Organized labor is rallying their members to join the occupation on Wednesday, with over a million union workers expected to march in solidarity. If you’re not joining in, are you in the way? Colorado Springs Occupiers in Acacia Park are being joined by Tea Partiers, Ron Paulists, and Zietgeisters. The more the merrier. Remember, target the investment bankers down the block, NOON EVERYDAY. They’re getting cranky.

How to defeat Kettling

The British anarchists showed the way.
Kettling, by the way, is the full scope of the ‘free speech zone” bullshit the pigs like to publicize. “Free” speech but only in an area enclosed by a wall of police armor, clubs, tear gas, pain weapons, and of course conveniently far far away from witnesses like the so-called “free” press.
And when the “free” press actually do wander too close to the “Free’ speech zone, they’re arrested for inciting a riot.
But the Brits showed the way, last week, successfully mobbing Prince Charles’ car, frightening him and his beard Camelface. errr “bride Camilla” yeah, that’s the ticket. And the method is simple in its brilliance and brilliant in its simplicity.

Kettle the cops. Instead of one Large demonstration near the political bullshit session, aka parade, aka booksigning, aka pro-establishment rally, aka Support the Troops rally, have several dozen smaller rallying points beyond the “free” speech zone. 50 people and less than ten overturned vehicles can block any strategic intersection. Reduce the PIGS mobility the way they seek to restrict ours.
Just the threat of it being applied again would be enough for them to realize that the only way they can Kettle anybody is to lock down a whole city. A tremendous expenditure of manpower and money which they’d have to blow every time the Rich Political “leaders” poke their nasty little snouts out of their hidey-holes.
Were they politically secure enough to go ahead with a sudden cessation of political appearances, both literally as in politicians appearing in public, and the somewhat figurative “keeping up the appearance of actually having Human Political Ties between Government and Governed”?

Looks like we’re about to find out.
My humble guess is “no”.

Iraq speaks up: Get Out, Occupiers!

baghdadHow many times have I heard the words from Democratic Party type liberal smurfs, saying that demonstrations supposedly accomplish nothing? Yet how to explain that the Iraqis seem to think otherwise and just held a huge demonstration in Baghdad under conditions that Americans cannot even begin to imagine having for themselves? Iraqis stage mass anti-US rally.

Unlike do-nothing Americans, Iraqis seem to see value in holding mass demonstrations to show the world how they feel about US troops continuing to promote slaughter in their country. And they are right to do so. These demonstrations, in their case, are part of supporting armed struggle to resist the imperialist invaders. Holding mass demonstrations in our country, too, would work toward the goal of regaining national sovereignty away from others.

Chinese respond in protests against Western government’s anti-Chinese campaign

The beginnings of Chinese protest against the racist campaign against China and the Chinese by Western governments and their corporate press have begun. The Chinese simply don’t want to be subjugated by Europeans and the US ever again. See the BBC report China urges ‘rational’ protests

While these protests are important methods to stopping the racism and imperialism of The Western Powers, it in no way invalidates the need for the Chinese government to respect the rights and cultural autonomy of minorities living within its boundaries. If not, outside powers will certainly seek to use anything they can get their hands on to weaken the Chinese control over their own country.

Both China and Russia have responded way to cautiously to the menace of US imperialism against them. Both countries’ governments need to mobilize their own citizenry to denounce the US and its allies pogroms in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq. Instead, they have tried to placate the US by remaining silent on the international issues. That is a strategy that weakens their own defense against US militarism attacking them.

Putin, to his credit, does appear to be taking a stronger stance against the encirclement of Russia by US forces. Still, it has been too little to really protect Russian interests. He needs to engage the Chinese government with a plan to have a mutual Defense Plan against the US and its allies. The world is at risk unless we can move from the current unipolar American Empire, to at least some semblance of a return to a bipolar dissemination of world power.