Israel when it belonged to Palestinians

Palestine 1947
Here’s a segment of a 1947 map of Palestine, adjacent Gaza, drawn before the UN installment of Israel, before the previous inhabitants were driven off and their towns wiped from the map or renamed in Hebrew. Fortunately maps exist of the Middle East before the Zionist colonization, to repudiate the fantasy that before Israel’s miracle in the desert was no man’s land.

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11 Responses to Israel when it belonged to Palestinians

  1. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    Israel “belonged” to “Palestinians”? If you know your history, then you know that Palestine “belonged” to whomever last conquered the land, whether the Romans, the Crusades, the Sultan during the 400-year Ottoman Empire rule, the British during the Mandate, the UN, to whom the British transferred ownership, or, most recently, to the Jews/Israelis. It’s amusing you refer to “Palestinians” in the context of the 1940s since at that time, the Jews were known as Palestinians and many Jewish institutions, such as the Palestine Post, formerly the Jerusalem Post, had “Palestinian” identities. It was during the 1970s when Yasir Arafat, himself from Cairo, not Palestine, began using the term Palestinian to identify Arabs from the area. There is no question that Jews have an historical link to the area known as Palestine dating back 4,000 years, which is not to deny the Arab link to the area, too. However, to deny the Jewish link to Palestine would be ignoring history. Indeed, Palestine received its name from the conquering Romans, who took the land from the Israelites, deriving Palestine from “Philistines”, an ancient enemy of the Israelites.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Another dimwitted and utterly dishonest post from the Israeli military spam us crowd, where they inform us that the term Palestinian was invention of Yasir Arafat in the ’70s! The idiocy from the IDF never ends since they simply get paid to write this crap.

  3. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    Your well-researched and articulate post is, indeed, impressive LOL.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It’s a reflection, on You, Little Ms. Melissa IDF, that you have tried to deny that Palestinians ever even existed except in the figments of Arafat’s imagination. Kind of reminds one of what Adolph wanted to have happen to the memory of the Jewish people, does it not?

  5. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    You inferred I claimed the “Palestinians” never existed. The term Palestinian as applied to Arabs living in the region of Palestine took on currency with Arafat in the 70s, although, as I noted previously, Arafat, himself, was Egyptian. Of course Arabs existed in the region for thousands of years, however, Palestine changed owners over the course of history. It’s historically misleading to claim Palestine “belonged” to the Arabs as the history of the region did not just start in 1947.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Wrong. Palestine simply belonged to the indigenous people living there at the time. One million of the people now living in Israel moved there since 1990 and are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. All this going on as the Apartheid Jewish State does all it can to take yet more land and property away from the indigenous people, the Palestinians.

    Ms. IDF Girl, you have a forked tongue like a snake.

  7. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    As I had stated earlier, Palestine “belonged” to whichever power conquered it and any landowners who were privileged to own land. During the Ottoman era, the Sultan owned most of the land and a small number of Arabs had private ownership. After ownership of the Empire was transferred to the British after World War 1, Russian Jews immigrating to Palestine in the late 19th century purchased land from those Arab landowners transferring ownership to those Jewish immigrants. The term “belong” is a legal one based on land titles and deeds that has nothing do to with merely being indigenous.

  8. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    This is what the Israeli Cook, ‘Cook’, has cooked up for us once again! Spam.

    ‘The term “belong” is a legal one based on land titles and deeds’…blah, blah, blah….

    You can take your land deeds and titles and suff them up your illegal ass, Israeli Offense Fuckers.

  9. Avatar Melissa Cook says:

    Your debating skills and grasp of Middle Eastern history are staggering.

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I’ve help expose who you really are and that you are nothing more nor less than Israeli military propagandists, You Creeps. I don’t ‘debate’ with soldier dumbshit ‘cooks’ who are propaganda snipers and that’s all.

  11. Avatar J. Shepperd says:

    I recently watched a history of Jerusalem on PBS (link: It’s produced/directed by Andrew Goldberg and hosted by Ray Suarez. Those responsible for the program don’t appear to have an ax to grind.

    I was impressed by the strong ties of the Muslims to Jerusalem and the fairness shown by Muslims to Christians and Jews when it was controlled by Muslims. The program also confirmed my understanding, based on other sourced historical accounts, that the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and the State of Israel and the Occupied Territories is much less significant than mainstream American media suggests.

    I agree with Ms. Cook that Jews and anyone else should have the right to purchase land in what is now Israel and the Occupied Territories, with the understanding that a fair price would be paid to a willing seller who is not under duress or harassment. My problem is with the way some Zionists and the State of Israel have unfairly, illegally, and sometimes heinously deprived Palestinians of their land and rights.

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