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Israel when it belonged to Palestinians

Here's a segment of a 1947 map of Palestine, adjacent Gaza, drawn before the UN installment of Israel, before the previous inhabitants were driven off and their towns wiped from the map or renamed in Hebrew. Fortunately maps exist of the Middle East before the Zionist colonization, to repudiate the fantasy that before Israel's miracle in the desert was no man's land.

Obama carrying the torch for Israel

Three score years ago the US created in the Holy Land a permanent refuge for the Jews of Europe, making at the same time refugees of the Palestinians who were living there. The anniversary of Israel thus coincides with the commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba, the "day of the catastrophe" when Palestinians lost their land. On Israel's 60th birthday the US president spoke before the Knesset and pledged America's eternal allegiance to Zionism. Meanwhile Israel’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations told Israeli Radio, “Nakba is a tool of Arab propaganda used to undermine the legitimacy of the establishment of the State of Israel, and it must not be part of the lexicon of the UN.”

Not in My Name

Hello, I participated in the most incredibly diverse rally in front of the United Nations at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Here are my remarks: 3376