Israelis unscathed by fierce fire fights

IDF Israeli Defense Force soldiers
Despite barring entry to journalists, confiscating cameras, and shooting reporters outright, photographs emerge from Gaza of the IDF’s horrific misdeeds. There are pictures of the dead, of the wounded, of the bodies charred by white phosphorous, of schools and hospitals destroyed. And of course the stories emerge of UN workers fired upon, of families forced inside houses which were then shelled.

I think a most effective photograph depicts Israeli soldiers leaving Gaza, all smiles. They are emerging from, what a cooperative media called, fierce fighting, which left 1,100 Palestinians dead at the cost of 13 IDF soldiers, four of them by friendly fire. The “fierce fighting” sounds more likely to have been Israeli soldiers getting in each other’s way in the fierce frenzy to massacre.

I’d like to think the IDF friendly fire casualties resulted when fellow soldiers cut them down, when they refused to rein in their rabid blood lust. Also likely is that fellow soldiers killed those less gung-ho about the mahem, lest they testify about the war crimes they witnessed.

In another favorite photo, Israeli youth picnic on a hill overlooking Gaza, hoping for a glimpse of the IDF ground assault, the incursion to exterminate the Palestinian vermin.

4 thoughts on “Israelis unscathed by fierce fire fights

  1. How UTTERLY hypocritical! No doubt you have made the same irresponsible comments about the American military as well – while sleeping peacefully under the blanket of protection that you did NOTHING to provide for.

    I won’t say that liberals are unpatriotic, you have a right to say what you want – but what you say DOES NOT have to be right. I WILL however, call you G-dless, gutless and pathetic!

    Try living in a land where when you kiss your wife goodbye and get on a bus for work – that you may be on Bus 19! Try living in a land where when you send your kids to school, you don’t know if some Arafat wannabe will take them out and exterminate them! Instead you prefer to live in a land where you can HIDE behind the shelter of the First Amendment, while doing NOTHING to preserve it.

    Cowards – the lot of you!

  2. Try stepping out of the shadows to say that you gutless poser. WE are preserving the First Amendment, the rule of law, and truth.

    We ask that no soldiers, US or Israeli, murder civilians waving white flags, IN THE NAME OF protecting freedoms, or democracy by conquest.

    Israel can stop Palestinians from wannabeing Arafats. Israel can end its land theft and occupation.

  3. ‘Will’ sees to be another clueless poster, Eric, who thinks that this site is a ‘liberal’ site? TRY figuring it out though on your own, Will.

    PLUs, being against the opinions of nitwits like yourself in the US is really not the work of ‘cowards’ since you assholes are armed to the teeth, are you not? All to defend ‘freedoms’ no doubt… lol…

    Will, we know that we owe you twits so damn much! Of thank you, SIr!

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