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Israel murders 14 protesters in Syria, claims “only a dozen injured”

Shooting through the border fence at a memorial protest in the Golan Heights. The number of dead outnumbers the original IDF account number of injured, the injured outnumbered the IDF account by tenfold. So once again the IDF story is … Continue reading

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Libyan humanitarian aid ship to Gaza undaunted by Israeli Navy death threat

While Israel releases redacted portions of its internal investigation of the Mavi Marmara Massacre, another aid ship steams toward the Gaza Blockade. The cargo ship Amalthea carries humanitarian aid from Libya and is due to cross into Gazan waters on … Continue reading

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Who were the 1,415 victims in Gaza?

Americans aren’t accustomed to seeing their adversaries as human. The victims of our wars remain faceless and nameless, and maybe as a consequence we accept that our military “doesn’t do body counts.” Not only do we minimize the number of … Continue reading

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Krav Maga is martial art of war crime

I recently overheard a karate instructor mention an Israeli hand-to-hand fighting technique called Krav Maga being adopted by paramilitary forces worldwide, which of course excites the youngsters. So I looked it up. Speaking for social justice bloggers everywhere, I have … Continue reading

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Turkish TV series AYRILIK shows IDF crimes in Gaza, unauthorized portrayal

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has summoned Israel’s ambassador in Ankara to complain that a TV series on Turkey’s state television station TRT1 is inciting anger at Israeli human rights abuses in Palestine. The drama series AYRILIK (“Farewell”) is set … Continue reading

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Picture of Israeli worth 20 Palestinians

At first glance the trade betrayed a racist inequity. This week Israel agreed to release twenty Palestinian women in exchange for one Israeli held captive by Hamas. Not for the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, just for proof that … Continue reading

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Israeli mushroom cloud smoking gun

What does the Israeli Internet Megaphone look like in the flesh? Take a look at who’s peddling the Weapons of Mass Destruction meme against Iran. It’s the same Smoking Gun Mushroom Cloud scare.

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IDF targets al-Jazeera on West Bank

Did you catch it on Democracy Now? Al-Jazeera reporter Jackie Rowland, broadcasting live from the West Bank covering the weekly Palestinian protests of the Israeli Apartheid Wall at Bil’in, was interrupted by the IDF. The protesters were accustomed to being … Continue reading

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Pam “Heil Hitler” Pilger gets it all wrong

Much is being made of the irony that the anti-health teabagger who shouted “HEIL HITLER” at a Jewish man who spoke in favor of universal health care, was herself wearing an ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES t-shirt.   Irony? I think the … Continue reading

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If others can kill, Israel wants permit too

June 6th is the 42nd anniversary of Israel’s seizure of Gaza. At right is a UK newspaper ad placed by the Anti-Defamation League, one of Israel’s myriad damage control engines, when UK students were calling to boycott Israel over its … Continue reading

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Our own IDF propagandist blows gasket

More from our IP-swapping blog spammer in Newark NJ: He pretends to be a NYU law student, although he trolls here 24/7; he says he’s read over 1000 books on the Middle East, but his comments never stray from pro-Israel … Continue reading

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DIME weaponry? Is this the Pentagon’s idea of a humanitarian weapon?

Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who gave medical treatment to the wounded in Gaza when this Palestinian concentration camp was assaulted by the Israeli military, has an excellent interview recorded on Grit TV. Of great interest is where he … Continue reading

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Israeli soldiers admit targeting civilians

“That’s the beauty of Gaza. You see a man walking, he doesn’t have to have a weapon, and you can shoot him.” –One of the testimonies collected by the Rabin pre-military institute, surveying IDF soldiers about war crimes reported to … Continue reading

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Middle East Media Research Institute (Poor MEMRI), yet another conduit for Israeli military disinformation campaigns

Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI as they call themselves, is another conduit for Israeli military disinformation campaings directed at the media. They are used a lot against antiZionist bloggers by the Israeli funded Internet Megaphone directed spammers, who … Continue reading

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The Gaza Zoo massacre- a look at Israeli military propagandist version of events?

Israel blew up a lot of schools in Gaza and destroyed the Gaza Zoo killing many of the animals there with gratuitous gunfire and not just gratuitous bombs. Here is what the Israeli military told the Jewish State back home … Continue reading

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Gaza child photo

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I am the soldier who slept in your home.

When Voices For Creative Nonviolence activist Kathy Kelly visited Colorado Springs, she spoke of survivors of a family in Gaza who returned to their home to find a message left etched on their wall by an IDF soldier, it read … Continue reading

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Denise was Mitch was Mary was Ronald

Etc, etc. Lest comment responses be perceived to address a fresh GIYUS, hasbara, cyber-friend of Israel. “They” parrot the same Internet Megaphone IDF propaganda talking points: Gaza is not occupied, there was no genocide, Israel’s birthright to exist is a … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and those romantic Zionists

In researching the evolution of Zionist terrorism, from clandestine militias like Bar-Giora, to Hashomer, Haganah, Etzel, and the pro-Nazi Stern Gang, I came upon this opening paragraph in Wikipedia. Describing Bar-Giora, it began: “On September 28, 1907, a group of … Continue reading

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Was Sharon quote really not genuine?

Are quotes being fraudulently attributed to Israeli ministers (as NMT’s indignant Israeli PR visitors are insisting)? We decided to look into the Ariel Sharon “fabrication” about who controls of America. Let’s just say our hasbara critics are going to wish … Continue reading

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Israelis indignant at being called Nazis

Jewish leaders object to Nazi imagery at rallies. Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem museum and memorial, called for the Holocaust to be left out of contemporary political discourse. Is that rich?! There’s not a day goes by that … Continue reading

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Israelis unscathed by fierce fire fights

Despite barring entry to journalists, confiscating cameras, and shooting reporters outright, photographs emerge from Gaza of the IDF’s horrific misdeeds. There are pictures of the dead, of the wounded, of the bodies charred by white phosphorous, of schools and hospitals … Continue reading

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Israeli Defense Force does Gaza

Letting women pass Shooting fish in a barrel Chasing stone-throwers Mourning loss of fellow soldier to accidental friendly fire

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Israeli fury seals a Single State Solution

Israel’s relentless and unrepentant program to exterminate the Palestinians of Gaza, will yield but a single outcome. And it would certainly please the Palestinians, if they live to see it. First, if Palestine is deprived of viability as an independent … Continue reading

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Rahm Emanuel joined IDF in Gulf War

“Emanuel, the son of an Israeli terrorist, Benjamin M. Emanuel who was a member of the Irgun, an underground terror organization in Palestine under the British rule, is someone who volunteered with the Israeli (not the US) army in 1991. … Continue reading

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