Judge Larry Naves mocks justice in Ward Churchill ruling

Judge Larry Naves Ward Churchill rulingYesterday Judge Larry Naves vacated the jury verdict in the Ward Churchill trial and refused to compel CU to reinstate Churchill saying that to do so would send a message to students that the University of Colorado “tolerates academic misconduct.” This, despite the fact that the jury found that charges of academic misconduct were made in order to silence Churchill without appearing to violate his free speech rights and wrongly fired him based on the trumped up charges.

The judge also failed to award any damages to Churchill, nor did he rule that CU must pay his legal fees. Further, Judge Naves’ 42-page ruling indicated that CU was a quasi-governmental body and, as such, should have been shielded from litigation to begin with.

Of course, Churchill attorney David Lane will appeal the ruling to a higher court, hopefully one that has more respect for the judicial system and the Constitution. This isn’t over, but how unfortunate that the bastard Judge Naves has prolonged the charade.

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2 Responses to Judge Larry Naves mocks justice in Ward Churchill ruling

  1. Avatar copy cat says:

    don’t know much about the case, but when the judge overrules the jury, it is wrong.

    i posted that to post this:


    I think this guy got railroaded. Tell your friends, maybe we can get some publicity for him.



  2. Avatar FlufferFreeZone says:

    Naves is a fucking shame of a judge. What a bastard he is for throwing out a clear verdict from a jury. And now the appeals court has screwed this up too. Will the incompetency of the US courts never end???? Screw this stupid country, and the dumbasses in it.

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