King Sooper UFCW members hang tough

King Sooper grocery workers
COLORADO SPRINGS- King Sooper UFCW Local 7 members vote this week. Local activists are ready to join their brethren at the picket line. If the supermarket giants persist in their efforts to deny workers benefits and living wages, they might be surprised to see how far customers will be willing to go to support their friends in the business.

Managers Lie, Benefits DieThis letter just in from the United Food and Commercial Workers:

Dear Friend,

You might be surprised to learn that despite the economic downturn, the national grocery chains in Colorado continue to rake in large profits as more and more people choose not to dine out.

What’s really shocking (or…frankly…not so shocking) is that the profitable national grocery chains are pushing cuts on our friends and neighbors who are working harder than ever at these stores. When profitable grocery chains ask their 17,000 workers in Colorado to make financial sacrifices, it doesn’t just hurt those workers, it hurts all of us, and hamstrings Colorado’s economic recovery.

So what can you do about it?

Your neighborhood grocery workers are in the midst of negotiations that could very well lead to a strike or a lockout. It’s not something anyone wants to happen. There are a lot of tough kitchen table conversations going on right now about what might happen if a family member has to give up a paycheck to take a stand for a fair deal.

Grocery Worker Without Benefits, Please HelpThese workers need to know that they have friends –that there are people out there who will respect a picket line.

Take the pledge today to support workers, and respect the picket line should a strike or lockout happen.

Please join us in support of Colorado’s grocery workers as they negotiate to get a fair deal and pledge to not cross the picket line if a strike becomes their only option.

Please sign the petition and share your comments.

We might add, let them know you will JOIN THE WORKERS ON THE PICKET LINE! The grocery worker’s resources may be thin, but yours and mine are not. WE will not stand for businesses who seek to impoverish our friends and neighbors.

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6 Responses to King Sooper UFCW members hang tough

  1. Avatar worker says:

    Dear Mr. Savage, Mr. Dispense, Mr. DiCroce, and Mr. Daugherty,
    As you know We voted to return to the bargaining table, This was NOT Ernie Duran’s Decision, it was the decision of those of us who get yelled at by our supervisors, it was a decision made by those of us who are walking on eggshells the minute we punch in at the time clock to start working.
    Please watch the following video and ask yourself “Do I want my workers to be doing this?”
    Please Keep in mind that if you DO lock us out it was your decision and not the decision of the Union
    (Click Here to watch video)

  2. Avatar Rod Molidor says:

    Safeway and King Soopers do not have to lock out any employees. They can each negotiate with the union if there is a strike with the other chain. If they decide to lock out all their workers, that is their own choice. They are not victims who are being forced to lock anybody out. Why do these two mega-corporations need to gang up together against the workers? Do they not already have almost every advantage against the workers, especially in this economy? If there is a strike against one of these grocers, the other one should let the workers keep on working if they want to.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It’s kind of like the Anti-Union propaganda that “federal government employees at taxpayer expense had to investigate hundreds of thousands of frivolous complaints filed against Unions” oh, wait, they didn’t put it exactly in those terms, it was more like “Hundreds of thousands of cases filed against unions”.

    See, the Management and Anti-Union CRIME Cartel can easily lie without actually fully stating their objective (break the workers’ power to stand up for their rights) or their motive,… Harassment done at Public Expense using the Police and Courts as publicly funded Private Enforcement for the BiggPigg Bosses.

    That’s more than just verging on Fascism, it’s one of the central themes of Fascism.

  4. Avatar New info about King Soopers says:

    King Soopers Supermarkets Sued by EEOC for Disability Discrimination

    Learning-Disabled Worker at Lakewood Store Was Harassed and Fired because of His Disability, Federal Agency Charges

    DENVER – Dillon Companies, Inc., owners of the King Soopers supermar¬ket chain in Colorado, intentionally and unlawfully discriminated against one of its learning-disabled employees, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a law¬suit announced September 22.
    According to the EEOC’s suit, Justin Stringer, who served as a cour¬tesy clerk at a King Soopers store in Lakewood, Colo., from 1995 to 2006, was subjected to repeated taunting and threats by a head clerk and an acting store manager because of his disability. The EEOC further alleges that, despite his proven ability to perform his duties and a good work history, Stringer was ultimately fired because of his dis¬ability.
    Such alleged conduct violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The EEOC filed the lawsuit (EEOC v. Dillon Companies, Inc., Case No. 09-cv-02237-ZLW-MEH) in U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado after first attempting to reach a voluntary settlement. The suit seeks monetary damages, including back pay, compensation for emotional distress

    and punitive damages. The EEOC also seeks injunctive relief prohibiting fur¬ther discrimination by the employ¬er and mandating corrective action, including reinstatement of Stringer to his former position. “Unfortunately, individuals with learning disabilities continue to be the object of harassment by those who would like to replay the sophomoric pranks of schoolyard bullies”, said EEOC Regional Attorney Mary Jo O’Neill. “Lawsuits such as this one will remind employers mat workers with disabilities must be treated with the same dignity and respect as other valuable members of the work force.”
    EEOC Denver Field Office Director Nancy Sienko added, “This nation’s commitment to protecting people with disabilities from workplace discrimi¬nation is as strong as ever. The EEOC intends to fulfill that commitment through vigorous enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act in cases such as this one.”
    The EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimina¬tion. Further information about the EEOC is available on its web site at

    (source, October 2009 edition of the african american voice,
    Visit http://www.african american

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Man has to sue to get justice. Sure, the Corporation will take care of the workers, the workers don’t need a Union or anything…

    It’s heartening, in a way, that there’s actually some governmental interest in the case, and a regulatory agency actually doing what it was set up to do.

    Still sux much that the agency is so badly stripped by “conservative” presidents and congresscritters blocking any enforceable legislation and loading the agencies with “business friendly” lawyers. Kind of like filing a complaint against a cop, when you and they know damned well that the cops own the Internal Affairs and the “fair and impartial” Courts.

    All they did was set up a sham agency that “protects” the workers by graciously allowing them to have Corporate lawyers “represent” them.

    Kind of like the Gestapo investigating the SchutzStaffel.

    Do you wonder how far down they can drag what’s left of our society and civilization? If the Corporations win this contract dispute we’ll see it…

  6. Avatar Worker Bee says:

    (sang to the tune of tin soldiers)
    Tin Bosses in Kroger’s army
    Were losing all we have
    Dillon rich in ohio
    Dillon Rich in Ohio
    We’re poor in Colorado
    We’ve finally had enough
    Dave’s rich in ohio
    Dave’s rich in ohio
    (Click here to watch video)

    Why is the labor dispute at King Soopers being compared to the Kent State massacre in 1970?
    Because the National Guardsman are Store Managers, Store Assistant Managers, Grocery Managers, Service Managers, Head Clerks, and other such management personnel. The weapons that the National Guardsmen are holding are also known as the new wic check policy, the 123 rewards mastercard program, Key Ratailing, Discipline practices, and the lying anti union propaganda that was designed to divide and conquer.
    The students who were massacred by the national guardsmen symbolize the workers. The weapons you are using against are killing us.
    We are not asking for huge undisclosed bonuses like you give to upper management.
    You say that you want us to work together, and as we can see your words and actions are far apart from each other.
    Since when is this a good contract when all we will have as a pension that will accumulate to be a $300.00 check after we have dedicated our lives to you over the course of 30 years?

    (this was emailed
    this group is also known as the corporate idiot 4

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