More Class War, and as usual, the guns are pointed away from the upper class

The Colorado Springs Gestapo Department released an Internal Affairs investigation results Friday, and once again, the PIGS came up “innocent”. Surprise Surprise Surprise. Seems the only property rights (or any other rights) they enforce or give a shit about are those of people who have a couple million in the bank and own real estate. All others need not apply.

Are YOU really surprised that a group of cops who are given immunity from prosecution unless their fellow PIGS find them guilty first, got away with their Hate Crimes once again? No, really, is anybody actually surprised that the Internal Affairs did what they alway do and let their fellow PIGS off the hook once more?

I wonder how Mayor Rivera would feel if armed THUGS burst into his home and kicked him out the door, threw away all his belongings (unless something he has is worth stealing) and if he resists being dispossessed, they throw him into the El Paso County Torture Dungeon and taser him for “being uncooperative”.

All because the Rich Bitches who run this little corner of Outer Redneckistan don’t want their piglets to see that poor people actually exist, (Like Prince Siddharta’s parents) and ask ugly questions about the Family Fortune that keeps them clothed and overfed and overprivileged being made on the backs of the Dispossessed. They want their little bastard get to believe that Nobody is harmed in any way by their family accumulations of wealth.

Here’s a theory: you remember the fire on the incline a couple of years ago, started in a homeless camp? The Pig-Os never did find out who started it, but AssMunches like Heimlicher and Rivera were quick to blame the Homeless…

Instead of the Rich Kids who habitually raid the camps of the homeless PEOPLE (but only when the PEOPLE aren’t in the camps) raiding that particular camp and perhaps setting it on fire?

Heimlicher and Rivera and Sheriff Ima Pigg Maketa don’t care about that, encourage that sort of behavior with their constant Dehumanizing of their Victims… and if the “just kids having a little fun” gets out of hand and starts a fire, that can subsequently be blamed on the homeless PEOPLE, all the better for them.

Teach your little Piglets to despise anybody who, unlike them, wasn’t born to Wealth and Privilege.

3 thoughts on “More Class War, and as usual, the guns are pointed away from the upper class

  1. Technically not in Colorado Springs but on the outskirts of Manitou Springs near the Cog Railway, Labor Day 2 years ago. Cops said that it “might have been” a discarded cigarette, or “might have been” a campfire left unattended.

    No suspects but they say (still) that it was a homeless person.

    On the other hand, the low temperature that morning was 80 degrees.

    Nobody who ever has to scrounge firewood and go through the trouble of building a campfire is going to do it on an extremely warm day like that.

    But that’s logic, and logic doesn’t sell as well as Hate.

  2. >>No suspects but they say (still) that it was a homeless person.

    mostly homeless people around, i can see that they might legitimately come to this conclusion, but my bro worked as a police officer, and had many run-ins with “rich kids” misbehaving, and their parents swearing that they were home all night. Kinda frustrating.

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