Mister Clean Coal

Mister Clean Coal is industry strength white-wash

My favorite of the ads debunking “Clean Coal” features a coal industry executive telling TV viewers that coal is so clean, it even smells clean.

clean-coal-smudge-reality-tv-spotExcept that having held the lump of coal to his nose, the exec has left a large black smudge.

Absolutely brilliant!

I count four literary allusions. The image invokes: Pinocchio’s duplicity undone by his growing nose; a lie as plain as the nose on his face, a thing so obvious as to lie right beneath his nose; and an embarrassing conceit staring at us like a big piece of spinach stuck between his lying teeth.

Except that embarrassment is Clean Coal.

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  1. I saw on the covers of two business journals yesterday that the Northern Cheyenne have elected a Pro-Strip Mining advocate as Tribal Chairman.

    Now they’ll be saying that this means ALL Indians think it’s a good idea to tear up the Earth-mother.

    Meanwhile, closer to home, the gold mine in Cripple Creek has taken one of George Bush’s final Executive Orders about strip mining and plan to expand their operations…

    So I guess we have some more Mercury and White Arsenic and Sodium Cyanide in our water supply to look forward to.

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