John Kerry puts his warmongering act into action against Iran

kerryHave I mentioned how repulsive I personally find all the Democratic Party enablers? The party is uniformly as disgusting to me as the Republicans are and more. The Republicans are just what they seem to be but the Democratic Party are a group of great pretenders.

If John Kerry had been elected in 2004 we would have gotten yet another guy pushing for war with Iran! You just cannot win with the Democratic Party since they are war mongers on the same level of magnitude as the Republican Party. It’s not for nothing that refers to both together as the ‘War Party’. Here is John Kerry pushing for yet more war making to feed the military-industrial complex of the US…

‘Kerry said the U.S. must not be lured into protracted negotiations with Iran. A timetable must be established and consequences set if progress isn’t made, he said.’

Full report at Pressure grows on Obama to engage Iran directly, and they’re not talking about Republican Party pressure either, but rather the repulsive, John Ketchup Kerry.

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