Najibullah Zazi sets bad example

Terrorism person of interest Najibullah Zazi has a lesson to teach fellow Coloradans. Don’t talk to the FBI. Zazi has declined a fourth consecutive day of interviews with FBI investigators. Now the Denver resident is being arrested, not to face charges of terrorism, but accusations of lying to investigators. If Zazi had referred the federal agents to the Bill of Rights, they and the media would have nothing with which to defame him.

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4 Responses to Najibullah Zazi sets bad example

  1. Avatar lucie lanes says:

    Well, terrorism doesn’t stop on our account, because we have been so careful after 9-11, does not mean our current government understands the implications of these US haters. Who will ever understand hot great heir hate is for us and our freedom???

  2. Avatar says:

    Fuck you jew motherfuck have you seen the news? They have evidence that he has been making bombs.

    Fucking Jew raghead terrorist motherfuckers need to take the hint, we will catch you we will torture you.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    God we get some nitwits coming our way these days, but you were the dumbest of the dumb, NoneBrain. Congratulations! You may be a loser!

  4. A Jew Raghead… boy howdy… damn, bubba, you could have added “sand-nigger” and hit the Trifecta.

    Dude, sober up, then look again. No bombmaking supplies. None. And I would just bet that most of your Klan friends have Bomb-making recipes and instructions on their computers that were written by George Hayduke, Ragnar Bensen and Uncle Fester, and published by Paladin Press and the (defunct) Loompanics and then Stolen via Limewire.

    You Right Wing bastards don’t even pay each other for the stuff you get.
    That’s pretty low.

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