Greg Mortenson US occupation pitchman

Red Rocks concertGreg Mortenson, stealth poster boy for the GWOT Pax Americana, nominated for the same Nobel suggested for Henry Kissinger, will be in Denver this Sunday at Red Rocks, to emcee JOURNEY OF HOPE, to collect “Pennies For Peace” to build Western Education settlements to justify more US military advance camps, and to lead a “Prayer For Peace.” Wanna bet it’s not an Islamic prayer?

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5 Responses to Greg Mortenson US occupation pitchman

  1. Avatar pcm says:

    Dollars for war, pennies for peace. Tools….

  2. Avatar Jake says:

    Why don’t you read ‘Three Cups of Tea’ you uneducated rube. Greg Mortenson is providing an alternative to madrasahs as educational institutions. How many schools have you built?

  3. Eric Eric says:

    I thank you for putting Three Cups of Tea and “uneducated” in the same sentence. But where you said “educational institutions” you are contrasting simply schools for Western indoctrination as opposed to East.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Actually, my Middle Schooler is being REQUIRED to read Three Cups of Tea and was asking me my opinion of it. I think that it reinforces the idea that US imperialism and Christian missionary activity is OUR RIGHT to undertake in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Along with putting Occupation armies into those countries, flying drones overhead to assassinate from up high, and playing one puppet politician off against the other.

    Jake, requiring young kids to read this fairy tale stuff in Middle School is one, amongst many ways, that the militarist ‘patriots’ and Christians jihadists at Colorado Springs D11 School District have found to try to indoctrinate my kid in their reactionary political philosophies in the public schools.

    Any concern to you that I might feel this way when time after time they push religion and militarism off on my kid? Three Cups of Tea is just par for their course as far as I am concerned. I have nothing much against the author and think that he sincerely does care about the girls he saw when mountain climbing in the region, but his agenda has become quite melded and welded to the current US media idea that the US government has the supposed right to intervene militarily anywhere in the world.

  5. Search engines –>>negative comments about TCOT –>> not really organized but it just seems that way fan club of Mortensen –>> new hate-mail from people who can’t stand to see or hear other people not agreeing with him.

    Nope, nothing at all like a cult or anything.

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