4 thoughts on “Occupation and the Irish Resistance

  1. AvatarTony Logan

    Are you planning to go to the upcoming St Paddy’s Day parade dressed like this man, Eric, and with rifle in hand? If so, what will all the leprechauns think?

  2. Avatarjonah

    They’ll say “St Patricks day has no political implications whatsoever even though The British used to hang people for even, like the song we sing at every St Paddy’s parade party or other event, “they’re hangin’ men’ and hangin’ women for the Wearin’ o’ the Green”

    In short, they’ll sing rowdy rebel songs while sucking up to the British-du-jour.

    Hey, I just wrote “in short” while answering about leprechauns…

    That would be hilarious if everybody was drunk.

    What wouldn’t be funny in any context is the British, while suppressing St Patrick’s Day events, in the weeks leading up to it sponsored “Orangemen Marches” backed of course by the Local Garrisons of the Tommies, in Belfast and Derry.

    There’s never been any shortage of Irish traitors, that’s what brought down Brian Boru and it’s the reason Bobby Sands died in prison.

  3. EricEric Post author

    The universally recognized patron saint of Sunday Bloody Sunday calls for a Bono costume.

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