New Israeli government rejects Peace with Palestinians

Disproportionate response
Here in this cartoon above, is how the Jewish State Zionist flock see themselves as victims who are prevented from finding a ‘peaceful solution’ to the Jewish State-Palestinian conflict. So just what is their proposed ‘solution’ then?

There are 3 ‘solutions’ to the finding ‘peace’ for the Israeli-Palestinians conflict. The 2 most openly discussed ‘solutions’ are usually termed the ‘One State Solution’ where Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews would live in one state where both would have equal rights together. And the other well-known proposal is called the ‘Two State Solution’, and is supported by those who posit that neither group could get along with the other in a single territory or state, so that two separate states must be created to then live side by side with each other. But there is yet another ‘solution’ for the conflict that the actual Israeli government has been covertly supporting for decades now.

This third ‘solution’ should be called the ‘Final Solution’ in my opinion, because it is seen as just that by the Israeli government itself. That ‘Final Solution’ advocated by the Israeli government, is that all Palestinians must be forced out of the Occupied Territories and other areas that Jewish people covet, and forced to live in the surrounding Arab countries. Obviously ethnic cleansing must occur for the ‘Final Solution’ to ever be fully implemented, just as ethnic cleansing was needed in the first place for the original establishment of the Jewish State over Palestine to have occurred.

See just who inside Israel advocates this ‘Final Solution’ to be implemented against the Palestinians… Israel’s Likud resists “two-state” commitment or the ‘One State Solution’ for that matter. That leaves only the ‘Final Solution’ that will satisfy the Jewish State crowd. It is pretty straight forward what they actually want.

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49 Responses to New Israeli government rejects Peace with Palestinians

  1. Avatar Grace Yenne says:

    That’s right Tony. In a nutshell that is exactly what Israel wants to do.

    I’m concerned for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and those in Israel proper.

  2. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Didn’t Israel offer the Palestinians the West Bank and Gaza in 2000 at Camp David? Isn’t it radical Muslims, including Hamas, calling for a Final Solution-type extermination of Jews?

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    Didn’t Israel also put conditions on who the Palestinians may have as their representatives?

    If Israel had been working in good faith then or now to broker a viable solution that doesn’t involve the dispossession of Palestinians both within and without Israel, why would they have to bring to bear a software device known as the “Megaphone” against those bloggers who would question Israeli intentions and motives?

    Doesn’t Israel consider having the most violently hateful Media Enterprise in the world, Fox News, as an ally to be counterproductive?

    Doesn’t Israel consider having the (according to Fox) Largest News Organization in the world promoting the Israeli Agenda to anybody stupid enough to listen to their network and actually believe their hate-speech to be enough Propaganda?

    What of the allies of Israeli doctrine here in America, like the RepublKlan Party, who have under their Hate Umbrella other groups such as the KKK and the N.A.A.W.P. and the American National Socialist Party and Stormfront?

    Why would a nice Jewish boy like Ben Netanyahu want to align Israel with people who actually prance around in WaffenSchutzStaffel uniforms?

    Is it that either BiBi is meshuginah or is it that he has a plan to make a profit from Israeli blood the same way he makes a profit from American, Iraqi, Afghani and of course Palestinian blood?

    Is there some reason I or anybody should believe that his alignment of the Government of Israel with such putrid blood-sucking bastards as the American ChickenHawks such as Karl Rove, George Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld should not be questioned and probed for the obvious answers, such as he, B. Netanyahu, is himself a Bloodthirsty seller of human lives?

  4. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Didn’t Arafat walk away from the Camp David 2000 negotiations with Israel and proceed to launch a terrorist intifada on Israel? As for Fox being supportive of Israel, does CNN not have an anti-Israel bias?

  5. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    “…If Israel had been working in good faith then or now to broker a viable solution that doesn’t involve the dispossession of Palestinians both within and without Israel…”

    Seems that Israel dispossessed itself of land with the return of Sinai to Egypt (A landmass larger than Israel, itself) and return of Gaza to the Palestinians, no? What of the hundreds of thousands of Jews evicted from Arab nations in 1948? Were they not dispossessed of land and possessions?

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘What of the hundreds of thousands of Jews evicted from Arab nations in 1948? Were they not dispossessed of land and possessions?’

    These people were not ‘dispossessed’ of anything but simply left for Greener Acres. In fact, the Jewish State actively recruited them to become immigrants on land taken from the indigenous people whose area Zionist settlers had set up in. It’s pretty sordid this new and false yourstory that you and other Zionists try to use to misrepresent to others what’s going on, Chucky. The main people you fool are yourselves though.

    Hey, ‘Chuck’, we’re back to playing games with the Internet Megaphone crowd once again I see. Your IP comes from Seychelles, so can you tell us a little bit about this unstable country, Spam Gunner? …lol… The Seychelles Islands don’t even have a White Pages phone directory as far as I can see! Chucky, you don’t actually live there, now do you?

  7. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    “These people were not ‘dispossessed’ of anything but simply left for Greener Acres.”

    Not quite so simple…

    Now, why don’t you specify your source of propaganda, er, information, regarding the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries in ’48?

  8. Avatar jonah says:

    Listening to propaganda from the other room.

    Praising the Israel independence movement from the 1930s and 1940s blowing up British soldiers.

    Sounds like they didn’t actually like being occupied either.

    How many olive groves did you plant?

    No way olives would be bearing substantial fruit in less than 70 years.

    Those groves have trees in them over two thousand years old.

    Seems somebody’s been tending the trees for a long long time.

    Do you have more to offer than what Fox News spouts?

    Did you kill that palestinian baby or do you just support that kind of murder?

    Why do you support your government having ties to the Nazis?

    Are you a modern day LagerKapo?

    Do you tongue wash the Nazis boots for them or just provide free propaganda?

    If you’re not doing the propaganda on a volunteer basis, what did they pay you for your soul?

    What about the NeoCons who suck up to AIPAC with their plan, announced in several PNAC statements, to use Biological Warfare Agents “tailored to ‘a certain genotype’ ” meaning the Semitic Genotype, in the Arabian Peninsula?

    That’s the SAME Arabian Peninsula at the northwest corner of which Israel is located.

    You know why such an agent would kill Jews as quickly as it would Samaritans and Arabs?

    Is it because they’re the cousins, fellow Semites, to each other and to the Jews, perhaps?

    About the resistance movement especially in the 1940s, you do realize that they were called Terrorists then and if judged by the same standards both Israel and the United States judges today they would be called Terrorists today as well, don’t you?

    Why do you also flood Jewish Peace Activist Websites with your Hatred?

    Are you Anti-Semitic?

    Being Jewish wouldn’t preclude being Anti-Semitic, did you know that?

    Did you realize that I called you a LagerKapo, a Jewish Prisoner who acted as a Snitch-Bitch for the Concentration Camp administration?

    You wouldn’t be the first Jewish person to sell out his own people.

    Mighty White of you, “giving” the Palestinians their own land.

    Real Generous, that was.

    By the way, you’re not going to be able to dictate the terms of peace any more than you’ll be allowed to dictate the terms of discussion here.

    You no likey, me no givey fuck you no likey.

    You can spout your bullshit on Bill O’Reilly’s web site with perfect freedom, and nobody there will do anything but agree with you.

  9. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Seems like you’ve come a big unhinged, old boy. You write much but say very little. Come back when you can express a coherent thought.

  10. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Chuck writes, ‘Now, why don’t you specify your source of propaganda, er, information, regarding the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries in ‘48?’

    First of all, this term you use ‘expulsion’ is not accurate. Expulsion did not occur in almost all cases, though in some countries there were some definite pressures on the Jewish communities that made life difficult. These were communities that were minorities after all, but most probably had it much better than say Blacks in the South here in the US did at the exact same time.

    Second of all, much of the immigration to Israel did not occur in 1948, but much later. If we look at the Jewish immigration from Russia to Israel, which accounts for about 1/3 of the total immigration of Jewish immigrants to Israel, it occurred mainly in the ’90s, and certainly involved no expulsion at all.

    As to sources, I will also use wikipedia some, Chuck, though I think that the article you used uses some distortion to give the idea that most Arab countries actively threw their Jewish people out, even though if you read the material with some attention you find that that was not really all that much the case. For example, the largest Jewish immigration from an Arab country was Morocco, and the Jewish community was not subject to any ‘expulsion’, and this was true of other Arab counties like Tunisia and Algeria. Those three countries alone count for almost 3/4 of Jewish immigration from the Arab countries that took place. Many Algerian Jews, for example, immigrated to France first, and then later to Israel.

    My source for this info, Chuck, will be the same wikipedia that you used. See Jewish exodus from Arab lands at and pay especial attention to the chart of Jewish immigrants given.

    Oh, one other thing about the wikipedia source that you used. It wrote, without any substantiation what-so-ever, that the Jewish community was forced to abandon $300 billion dollars of property in Arab countries. The one source used was from the Jerusalem Jewish paper quoting a spokesperson from the Zionist Jewish community arguing against Palestinians being given any of their rights. Shame on you Wikipedia for allowing this sort of material into your online encyclopedia on such an important accusation! Not very impressive at all.

  11. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    The New York Times’ account of the ’48 Jewish exodus from Arab states reported on the threatening situation for Jews. On May 16, 1948, the day after Israel declared independence, the Times published a front-page story with the headline: “Jews in Grave Danger in All Moslem Lands.” The paper noted that for nearly four months, “the UN had had before it an appeal for immediate and urgent consideration of the case of the Jewish population in Arab and Moslem countries.” A sub-headline stated that: “Nine Hundred Thousand Jews in Africa and Asia Face Wrath of Their Foes,” and the article cited reports of deteriorating Jewish security including violent incidents. The Times points out that according to a law drafted by the Political Committee of the Arab League, all Jewish citizens of these countries would be considered “members of the minority Jewish state of Palestine.” This implies that there was a clear Arab strategy to expel their Jewish citizens while expecting that they would find refuge in Israel.

  12. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I don’t think that the proZionist opinions of the New York Times that wanted to help justify the new establishment of the Jewish State are God’s word, Chuck. Too, in 1948 the focus was not really on Arab violence against their own Jewish population, but a desire for the US press to purge their own deeply guilty consciences for their coverup of the Nazi regime crimes. Many of these US papers had just a decade and a bit previously been writing all these nice things about European fascism, Chuck.

    Here is a more nuanced look at these questions of Jewish immigration into Israel and the Jewish population’s expulsion of Palestinians. The Jewish exodus from Arab lands: Why Zionists and anti-Zionists are both wrong which takes up Iraqi Jewish immigration into the Jewish State.

  13. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Mendes, he is an academic, not a journalist. The Times’s account of developments in the Middle East in 1948 provides a factual view of events by reporters who were there, rather than opinion, though Mr.Mendes is entitled to his view. The Times’s reporting is from the news side, not the “opinion” side of the newspaper. If anything, the Times is often accused of an anti-Israeli bias. If you can cite examples of the Times’s news coverage of the events of 1948 being inaccurate, feel free to do so.

  14. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Incidentally, according to Philip Mendes’s website, below, his credentials are in sociology and social studies, not Middle Eastern history nor even journalism. This is why the NY Times’s account of events would be more authoritative.

  15. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Who says that the New York Times has an anti Jewish State bias? Many people in fact correctly see the exact opposite. The NYT has a pro Jewish State bias/ anti Palestinian bias and a pro-war bias in favor of what the Jewish State wants from Uncle Sam. You saying that that is not the case is just total poppy cock, Chuck.

    I might add, Chuck, that your posts are quite in line with the cartoon that I posted above. The Jewish State is simply justified in everything in your opinion, so you, Chuck, will just start talking about Jews living in Arab countries in 1948 instead of talking about the actual theme of may commentary, which is that the current Jewish State government in formation has no desire to seek peace with Palestinians. Am I wrong about that, Chuck? Do you and the Israeli government really want peace with Palestinians, or do you just want to kick them around some more and steal more of their land?

  16. Comment from A Troll Defending Baby-killers
    Time: March 2, 2009, 7:15 am

    Seems like you’ve come a big unhinged, old boy. You write much but say very little. Come back when you can express a coherent thought.

    Ah, the standard defense of Government Sucks… “anybody who disagrees with Our Agenda must be CRAZY…”

    What a pussy you truly are.
    Yep, a LagerKapo…

    Doesn’t your tongue get a little tired from Licking the IDF Gestapo’s boots?

    Go back to looking at the pictures of dead and wounded Palestinians so you can get aroused enough to molest your dog.

    You probably wouldn’t even be bold enough to actually Join the IDF and go on Baby-killing sprees with them…

    Just, you know, defend them in writing whenever your Masters tell you to.

    Come back when YOU can express a thought that doesn’t display a Sieg Heil level of Brainwashing.

  17. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    You evidently are not knowledgeable about the history of the NY Times. Read a book on the Sulzberger family, who founded the NY Times, called, “The Trust”, which will equip you to speak about the NY Times from a more informed and “nuanced” view. The Sulzbergers have a history of being ANTI-ZIONISTS. Adolph Ochs, who founded the Times, was notoriously anti-Zionist and made concerted efforts NOT to be pro-Israel in its news coverage, so as not to be labeled a Jewish newspaper. Ochs went so far as to keep news reports about Hitler off the front page of the Times and not identify concentration camp victims as Jewish. Later, Arthur Hayes Sulzberger, publisher of the Times from 1935 to 1961, founded the anti-Zionist American Council for Judaism. Editorials often have an anti-Israel theme, such as when the Times editorialized about Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza as “aimless” CAMERA, which documents anti-Israel bias in the media, often has a field day with Times anti-Israel coverage.

  18. On the subject of affecting a British Persona…

    Say, I wonder if this particular Chat-Bot actually noticed the strong similarity pointed out (in another thread, therefore I must be “unhinged” for even pointing it out) between what the British did in Palestine, and what the British did in Ireland, until in both cases they had their miserable Royalist collective Arse routed out by “Terrorist” groups… like IRA, the precursors of likud, and now, Israel is doing the same type of British Treatment to Hamas.

    What say, chappie, your Yahoo ID includes the word “London”, your IP Forwarding says Seychelles, are you actually IN London?

    If you really are a Demented Royalist Upperclass Twit that would explain a lot of your Imperialistic Attitude…

  19. You know, “Chuck” or whatever your real name is, I personally consider killing people, especially but not limited to Babies, to be a sign of a mind which is not quite balanced.

    Further, I and many, quite likely MOST people in the world, consider DEFENDING the practice of Baby killing to be not merely Offensive but, again, a sign of a weakened mind.

    Now, we’ve had quite a lot of IDF lies spouted here not merely by YOU but by other Demented Fellows of a similar Bloodthirsty Mindset.

    There’s a pattern to your Propaganda, as Tony points out.

    One that clearly marks you as being a mouthpiece for pre-selected IDF talking points.

  20. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Additional examples of NY Times anti-Israel bias…

    In light of the NY Times’s unfriendly position toward Israel and Times management’s anti-Zionist sentiments, I think one can safely say that news reporting in the Times in 1948 about violence and anti-Semitism being inflicted upon Jews in Arab nations was certainly not biased in favor of the Jews.

  21. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Jonah, how many German babies died in WW II, old boy? That is an unfortunate reality of war. The IDF did not murder Palestinian babies, however,when, Hamas infiltrates schools, for example, and fires rockets from schools, they knowingly are jeopardizing their own people. By and large, the IDF took great pains to miimize non-combatant casualties and given Hamas’s tactics of human-shielding and firing from civilian structures, it’s to the IDF’s credit multiples were not casualties.

  22. No, SturmbahnFuhrer Chuck, the way one prevents civilian Murders is to not wage war on your imperialistic Whim.

    Perhaps your Brit or Faux-Brit persona would recognize that because The British Crown did the same thing in Israel AND Ireland AND Kenya AND Rhodesia AND India AND Afghanistan that your NeuWaffenSchutzStaffel IDF comrades are doing now in Gaza.

    And your Good British Comrades made the same excuses that the Gestapo and The WaffenSS did for their slaughters of Civilians.

    And they, by a curious “coincidence” are the same defenses IDF is making for their own slaughter of Civilians.

    You lied so many times in defense of it, why would we or anybody sane actually believe any story you tell about how invading a sovereign nation, killing any who resisted YOUR act of War and labeling everybody you kill either as a terrorist or saying that if Hamas hadn’t done exactly what the French and Dutch and Poles and Norwegians and Danes and Greeks had done in W.W. 2 when YOUR ideological Brethren did exactly the same thing to THEIR nations…

    Hamas RESISTED, lawfully, YOUR unlawful Invasion of THEIR country, and you have the cheek to call THEM Unlawful Combatants?

    Sir, Your Indoctrination Is Showing

    “Israel is always right
    Anybody who does not agree

    Is always wrong
    and therefore “unhinged”

    Four Legs Good, Two Legs Baaaaaaddddd!!!

    Alle Sieg Heil am der UberFuhrer Benjamin Netanyahu!

    Heil! Heil! Heil!

    What a pussified LagerKapo you truly are, sir.

    Learn to think for yourself and not just parrot what your Masters tell you to think and say.

  23. The “evidence” you cite comes only from IDF…

    Why is that?

    As to IDF or American or any other Armies manufacturing “evidence” after the fact, it’s fairly common for Murderers to deny that they were engaged in Murder.

    Baby-killer Freak.

  24. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Come, come, old boy. Now, you know better than to suggest Israel waged war on Hamas on a whim. Even the Arab press and Arab officials supported Israel waging the Gaza war. Israel tolerated the Gaza rockets since 2001—6,000 rockets—so, you can’t in good faith call Israel whimsical. What other nation would have allowed thousands of rockets to be fired into their territory for years without military response? If,say, Cuba, fired rockets into Florida without interruption, what do you suppose the US’s response might be? We would flatten Cuba like a Cuban sandwich. Israel has every right under international law to defend itself, much as you feel otherwise. And, this might shock you, but people do die in wars, which is why Hamas will hopefully think twice about provoking Israel again.

  25. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Chuck, you’re just being unreal now. Thomas Friedman is the “Foreign Affairs” columnist for The New York Times is he not? Is he, are is he not, an example of your opinion that there is an anti- Israeli bias at the paper?

    BTW, I think now is a good time to de-escalate the dialog some, PEOPLE. Name calling is not the best way to.. uh. negotiate with our good friends, the Internet Megaphone bunch.

  26. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Jonah, there is no evidence that the IDF instructed its soldiers to deliberately kill non-combatants. If you do have such information, you should take it to the proper authorities. Otherwise, you are just babbling. There is, however, incontrovertible evidence that Hamas fired rockets into civilian areas of Israel, a war crime. 6,000 individual war crimes, in fact.

  27. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The IDF killed plenty of innocent people whether intentional or not, and in that manner is just like the US military in Iraq, Somali, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. One might add that the people behind 9/11 went after the Pentagon, too, and crashed a big hole in it. Does that mean that the innocent lives taken in the 9/11 attack were somehow excused?

    FOR EVERYBODY’S INFORMATION—- I’m going to close this thread down soon unless some actual discussion about the present Israeli government occurs. Let that be a warning…

  28. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Thomas Friedman is a columnist, he is not an owner of the NY Times nor an editor, and, thus, has no influence over Times Middle East coverage, one way or the other. Friedman’s first Pulitzer Prize was for his reporting on Sabra and Shatila, in which he found Sharon and the IDF at fault.

  29. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    “The IDF killed plenty of innocent people whether intentional or not”

    Can you name a war or wars in which people were not killed? I’ll give you wide lattitude: Any war since the beginning of time.

  30. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    ]One might add that the people behind 9/11 went after the Pentagon, too, and crashed a big hole in it. Does that mean that the innocent lives taken in the 9/11 attack were somehow excused?”

    Innocent lives excused? This is convoluted logic. Al Qaeda specifically targeted non-combatants. Israel specifically targeted Hamas militants.

  31. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    NO they didn’t. They intentionally destroyed billions of dollars worth of Gaza which effects intentionally all the Palestinians caged there.

  32. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    The IDF intentionally destroyed as many military targets as possible, which is the objective of war. The goal of war is not to merely frighten the enemy or scratch them, the goal is to destroy them using as much force as necessary. Perfectly legal under international law and rules of war—Hamas using civilian structures as military bases renders them legitimate targets. Your argument is with Hamas, who, as one Egyptian official recently pointed out, shoulders the blame for the death and destruction in Gaza.

  33. Sir, your Indoctrination is showing…

    Dr Pavlov rings the bell, and the Dog drools…

    Don’t you even care that other people are controlling what you think and what you say and what you do…?

  34. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    I care about the fact that Israel is singled out for criticism for merely defending itself against attacks while true villains in the world, such as China, Russia and Iran, receive little or no attention.

  35. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    “As to IDF or American or any other Armies manufacturing “evidence” after the fact, it’s fairly common for Murderers to deny that they were engaged in Murder”

    Has the IDF been found guilty of murder?

  36. Avatar jonah says:

    Hey,Chucko, Or whatever your Real Name Is,

    Since your comrades at “Give IDF Your Unquestioning Support” have said that people criticizing IDF for their Murder Rampage as “Attacking” Israel, does that mean your Spam-like response is a counter ATTACK against anybody who Dares criticize YOUR Baby-killing Comrades in the IDF?

    Is it, according to YOUR rules, punk, actually a hostile act against Americans and Israelis who Disagree with your War Against Civilians?

    YOU, Chuckles, and YOUR demented Comrades convict IDF of Murder by using Nazi-Inspired excuses for YOUR murderous actions.

    Yeah, Punk, I’m calling YOU an accomplice to Baby-Killing, what will you do about it, Punk?

    I bet you’re jacking off to that picture of the Dead Palestinian Baby right now, bitch.

    That’s what Baby-Killers, Torturers AND THE COWARDS WHO DEFEND THEM such as yourself, are all about.

    You’re a Sick Freak.

    By lending YOUR sick freakish support to the Murders in Gaza you dishonor the name of God and of Israel

    and those Hate and Death-mongering Americans who join in with your sick freakish murder spree are dishonoring America as well.

    You’re a Keyboard Koward of the worst stripe.

    You’ve thrown your lot in with Other Thieves and Murderers and Liars.

    Has the IDF been found guilty of Murder, Bitch?

    YES… by God and by their Victims, and the families of their Victims.

    Because YOUR Israeli and the American Courts will always side with their Fellow MURDERING Pigs, the same way YOU automatically assume that Israel can do no wrong.

    What will you do about it, PUNK?

    Have your PIG comrades torture me again, BITCH?

    That’s right, BITCH, your PIG comrades have tortured ME before, and just like your Smug Nazi “might makes right” bullshit comment about “have they been found guilty” Fuck No, the PIGS who tortured me haven’t been found guilty

    They have too many Chucks on their side shielding them from prosecution, the same way your IDF THUG BABYKILLERS do.

    You have my picture, BITCH. You know where to find me, why don’t YOU, personally, do something about it?

    Is it because you’re a Pussy just like Netanyahu, Punk?

    Your Pig Heroes both in Israel and America have had people killed for “talking back” and stupid bastards like yourself say that there’s nothing wrong with such behavior.


    That’s what you’re defending here and now, BITCH, that your PIG Baby-Killers can murder and torture people with impunity in retaliation for the so called “crime” of not Bowing Before Their Armed Might…

    No matter how you dress it up, that IS what you’re doing,

    Well, Punk, I’m NOT bowing before your IDF or their American Masters either, so I guess it would be just as correct and “not really murder” for you to kill me on the same grounds your IDF Baby-killers murdered the Palestinian baby.

    That must mean the only reason you don’t seek me out to kill ME is because of your Personal Cowardice.

    You’re too YELLOW to jump somebody unless Your Thug IDF gang is backing you up, if you’ve got somebody outgunned and outnumbered.

    You don’t have any Moral objections to killing people for disagreeing with you or protesting your Thuggish Murderous actions.

    You’ve posted a hundred times more or less that there’s no Moral wrong committed in suppressing dissent and Rebellion against your Imperial Masters.

    Back your empty cowardly words with some Actions, Punk.

  37. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Jonah, I tried finding something intelligible in your post, but, it was mostly incoherent rambling. Maybe next time.

  38. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    ‘New Israeli government rejects Peace with Palestinians’

    Chuck, you have yet to ever address even once the title of this thread.

    ‘Is it because you’re a Pussy just like Netanyahu, Punk?’

    Jonah, can we have a little bit less of this sort of writing? I have to agree with Chuck on his assessment of this sort of diatribe. Your heart might be in the right place but this adds nothing to any discussion. Sorry, but that’s just the way I see it.

  39. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    I suspect the signals Netanyahu is sending out about the uncertainty of a two-state solution is a negotiating ploy. The Palestinians have previously used terrorism as a negotiating issue, leaving Israel in a weak position, and I think this time, Netanyahu wants to wipe the slate clean and negotiate from a position of strength. In any event, the Palestinians cannot even achieve a coalition government of their own and, thus, are in no position to start negotiating with Israel. Hamas and Fatah need to first negotiate their own peace solution.

  40. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Netanyahu wants to advocate ‘peace’ from two seemingly different positions. One is from ‘The Hell with you, you get nothing’ stance. The second position is a false advocacy for a ‘two state solution’ where the second ‘state’ has been so reduced down that it is in effect an unsustainable piece of nothing. This is an utterly meaningless offer.

    Israel’s entry into Gaza was the ‘use terrorism as a negotiating issue’, Chuck. We’re not stupid if you you want to play stupid with us., and the Palestinians aren’t stupid either. Your Jewish State is nothing more nor less than a group of Jewish terrorists at this point, and most of the world knows that quite well by now.

    The big question for the world is how to get rid of an even bigger group of terrorists that back your Jewish State terrorist gang up? I’m talking about the US government here.

  41. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    What alternate option would you have recommended to Israel instead of going into Gaza?

  42. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    How about beginning to compensate Palestinians for the properties taken away from them previously? An apology and admission that many wrongs have been done while trying to secure the safety of the world Jewish community followed by concrete measures towards reconciliation of the two peoples would work wonders.

    Of course, that would be renouncing any further seizures of land and property, and this is where the Jewish State seems simply not willing to even begin to be looking for justice to being made key to the solution of this conflict. The Jewish State simply wants more and more and more, all for itself.

  43. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    What land was taken away from the Palestinians in Gaza?

  44. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What a thug you are! This is the reason that the Palestinians have to stay at war with people like you, Chuck. You’re nothing more nor less than an unrepentant advocate of theft.

    I can see why Jonah and Thomas got tired of trying to reason with such dippy shit behavior like you demonstrate repeatedly. Even when you are polite for a moment or two it is always only a manipulation. You only understand the violence that Jewish State Zionists repeatedly use to get their way.

  45. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Well, considering that the Arabs currently in Gaza were BORN in Gaza, given the original Arabs who fled over 60 years ago are dead, the arabs in Gaza have their own land….In Gaza!

  46. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You don’t want Peace, you want their land and property instead. You are a THIEF.

  47. Avatar Chuck Sieberson says:

    Well, Israel gave back Sinai to Egypt and gave back Gaza to the Palestinians, and will likely give back the West Bank to the Palestinians. Where’s the theft?

  48. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    The theft is in declaring a binational area a ‘Jewish State’. To do such there was plenty of theft.

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