On whose border will Israel attack Iran

With all of Israel’s gesticulation about Iran, you might think the axis of evil bordered on Israel. Especially given reports that Israel plans to launch ground assaults on Iran after December. Oddly it does not.
US encirclement of Iran
At minimum, Israeli forces would have to cross Jordan or Syria, then Iraq or Turkey, to reach Iran. French newspaper Le Canard Enchainé reports that the IDF has ordered combat rations and is assembling elite commando units. On whose sovereign land will Israel mobilize?

5 thoughts on “On whose border will Israel attack Iran

  1. Do you hear the rustling of the Biblical pages at Ezekiel 38 and 39? Jehovah says, “my fury will come up in my face” when the surrounding Muslim nations come to destroy Israel from it’s northern mountains. HE will absolutely “slap” their weapons out of their hands and nature will absolutely go crazy and 83% of all those armies will be destroyed in the Goland Heights and 1/6th of those remaining will go back to testify what the God of Israel will do in those days. “I am that I am” has spoken and NOTHING can stop this from happening. Do yourself a big eternal favor and believe HIS WORD and be converted in the name of Yeshua, the future “Great King of Kings and Lord of Lords” who’ll soon rule the world from Jerusalem with a rod of Iron for 1000 years. God’s Word foretells this from ancient times and there is none like HIM declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done. It’s going to happen RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.

  2. So you feel that it’s justifiable to kill Persians (you called them “Arabs” which isn’t accurate) because of a racist interpretation of a prophecy?
    Does that mean you intend to take a rifle in your nasty hands and start shooting up a mosque? (there’s probably one in your city)

    Or do you simply prefer to do it by Remote Control, have the Israelis kill them for you? And, of course, in the name of God. You sound very much like the worst interpretations of Taliban or al Qa’eda.

    Maybe remove yourself further from blood-guilt, at least in your perceptions. Call in to Hate Speech Radio and incite other Hate Speech Cowards to rally for a war they also don’t intend to actually fight.

    Of course, according to American jurisprudence, accomplices to a murder are equally as culpable for those murders as the actual triggermen. If you supply a person with a gun and he uses it in an armed robbery, one twitch of the finger away from Capital Murder, and he makes that fatal twitch.. then you’re an accomplice. Drive the car for him and you’re an accomplice before and after the fact.

    Urge him to cap off that 7-11 clerk would make it a closed case of both of you being convicted of Capital Murder.

    So let’s see, the Right Wing of the American Body Politic urges Israel to kill “Arabs” including the non-Arabs in Persia, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan… and provides them with the guns… in this case nuclear weapons. which the Israeli government has…

    Say, you DO realize that many of those you’re urging to kill and be killed are children, don’t you? Y’all warmongers sho’ does love you some Massive Babykilling. And they say Liberals are heavily into Moral Relativism.

  3. With the growing revolution, it might be logical to see if moderate elements change the govt in power.

  4. Which is actually supported, at least in word, by the State Department and by Likud. Two institutions which I don’t trust very much.

    They also, especially Likud, openly plan to attack Iran militarily.

    State, they’re top heavy with signatories to the P.N.A.C. who have urged the takeover of Iraq, Afghanistan (because of its strategic location) and Iran… for the profit of the Corporate Elite, who fancy themselves so superior to the rest of us that our input makes no difference to them.

    Their timetable was kind of skewed by the conquest and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq not going quite as smoothly as they thought. OOOPS. Or that the war would be the fulcrum of the lever that moved the economy entirely into the Pit.

    The worst of that isn’t over yet. “we” still owe payments, with interest, on the bonds used to float that war enterprise. The $5 trillion already gone missing isn’t a tithe on what’s to come.

    The only comfort I can take from that is that the PNAC aren’t going to benefit from it, they don’t own the bonds. Seems they’re as allergic to betting their own money as they are risking their own lives.

  5. where is the power that muslims where. ALLAH will help all muslims where ever they are in

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