Reprising the call to end Obama’s Wars

july 23
COLORADO SPRINGS- Intersection of Austin Bluffs and Academy Blvds, 4pm-6pm, all corners. Join Coloradans For Peace in their high-visibility every-other-Thursday rush-hour antiwar vigil, to END OBAMA’S WARS.

1 thought on “Reprising the call to end Obama’s Wars

  1. I thought overall we got a good though very passive response. What was interesting were the Democratic Party liberals who took offense to the sign END OBAMA’s WARS, with one shooting me the finger and several shouting through the windows of their cars lividly saying that these were Bush’s wars! Evidently the honeymoon is not over for some.

    Then there was the Right Winger who got a glimpse of one sign we never actually used that said TROOPS KILL KIDS. He stalked around us angrily and left and came back about 3-4 times. At the end he carried a sign calling us FAGS which was pretty bizarre since there were 3 young kids out there with us! These Right Wingers are so bizarre!

    All in all a good day’s volunteer work. The latest opinion polls do show that the majority of Americans oppose the US government of Barack Obama continuing the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan both. We’re with them!

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