Rick Perry is Dubya’s Sarah Palin

Rick PerryTexas State politics is heating up again after years of Governor Rick Perry biding his time in the shadows of the ex-President. George W. Bush was Texas governor before he put Rick Perry in line for the office, but now in the storm of reactionary nonsense flying out from Right Wing circles, Perry has become a Superstar in his own right just like McCain’s Sarah Palin. Jim Hightower asks, What’s Up With the Governor of Texas?

I can answer that one quickly enough having lived in Texas during his reign. He’s basically just another Right Wing Texas asshole who thinks that most of his state’s population are sub-human nobodies, unlike his buddies in the Texas business class circles who he is typical and representative of in his opinions and outlook. The Texas business class has always hated and held contempt for the common people that they are supposed to be representing. Rick Perry is now their Superstar in this regard.

3 thoughts on “Rick Perry is Dubya’s Sarah Palin

  1. Whoever wrote this knows NOTHING about Rick Perry, so whoever wrote this can shut his/her cakehole because he/she does NOT speak for Texans!!!!! We love Rick Perry, and whoever wrote this can go to hell!

  2. Well, baby-cakes, I spent 40 years of my life in Outer Redneckistan.
    Not all Texans love Rick Perry or John Cornyn or Dickless Cheney or their Commander-in-Thief George W.

    They robbed Texas blind before proceeding to rob America blind.

    Rick Perry is very much against public education, because if he can keep people Ignorant that’s about the only chance he and his merry band of Thievin’ Murderers can keep in power.

    GoodHair and GW are the ones most likely to go to Hell. By the way, it’s spelled with a capital “H” usually.

    If Rick GoodHair and his compadre Jindal have their way, they’ll be able to make the recovery and any chance of anybody but their Rich Pig buddies having a workable economy Fail.

    Your Nazi Comrade Rush Limbaugh has already wished for it to happen.

    You know what I just heard, today? Six Flags is bankrupt.

    Imagine that if you will.

    If you actually live in the Metroplex, go to Arlington sometime. Take a walk up North Collins street. That’s the road that leads to the New Cowboys stadium and the equally vainglorious BallPark that George Bush and his comrades “con”vinced the people of Arlington and Tarrant County to bankroll, lest he pull the Losingest Team in American Major League Baseball out of town.

    Then once he sold out the City of Arlington, and County of Tarrant, he sold out “his” Rangers too. Then proceeded to make most of Texas into the same “economic Miracle” he delivered to North Collins Street.

    Take a look at it, baby-cakes.

    Even the pawnshops and dollar-stores don’t stay in business long there.

    Vandergriff Chevrolet? Boarded up most of the time.

    Every now and then they rent out the facilities for a Gun Show.

    And after doing it to Arlington, then all of Texas, now they’ve managed to run the entire Nation into the financial ground.

    George Bush and Rick Perry, yep.

    They’ve never once had a successful business enterprise, they bankrupted every company they ever owned but somehow made a profit for themselves.

    That includes the United States Government.

    And Rick GoodHair wants to say he’s an Economic Conservative, yeah right. Give me a shot of whatever you’re snortin’, Girlie.

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