Sarah Palin’s sister married a cop

What does TROOPER GATE say about the potential Vice President, now Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin? Apparently emails and phone records indicate that Palin used her authority as governor to fire the supervisor who wouldn’t fire the state trooper with whom her sister was fighting a custody battle.

How TROOPER GATE strikes me, in addition to the inappropriate abuse of power, is that Palin’s sister was married to a cop. How far can anyone fall from so short a tree?

Which is not to say Palin would not be smart enough to be Vice President, or President, when John McCain expires. She’s no worse a patsy than George W. Bush. The odds are phenomenally unlikely she could be dumber.

Sarah Palin poses with gunHow did such an inexperienced person find herself as governor of Alaska? Probably Palin was the only person myopic enough to step into Senator Stevens’ corrupt political machine. Stevens and his cronies couldn’t serve as governor themselves, they were too busy with sneaky oil deals. As scandals grew to investigations, they needed someone in office who wouldn’t know how to do anythng, much less turn the heat on them.

It turns out Palin was cut from the same cloth, of a rougher thread-count. Instead of embezzling from oil deals, or stealing cuts of construction projects, she’s pushing her weight around in personal vendettas against in-laws.

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6 Responses to Sarah Palin’s sister married a cop

  1. NMT NMT says:

    In 1996 Bristol Palin daughter of Sarah Palin (presumptive vice-presidential republican nominee) was attending Iditarod Elementary School in Alaska. The teacher asked the students to ask their parents if they had any unwanted video cameras they could donate (for skits). Bristol Palin brought in a camera. The VHS tape found inside that camera featured her husband Todd Palin talking aloud to five-year old Bristol (she’s holding the camera) about wife Sarah Palin regarding her 1996 Wasilla election win.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Who cares about any of this? We live in a country where 99% of the politicians stay silent as the Constitution is torn up, POWs are tortured to death, and trillions of dollars gets sucked out of the national treasury into welfare for the super rich, and liberals want to engage in an episdoe of the Jerry Springer show as they attack Sarah Palin? They look like all the fundy Right nuts when they were out snarling at Slick Willy, or calling Hillary a lesbian, etc.

    Both wings of our Big Business government are pushing for throwing their nuclear weight around with Russia. I’m a little bit more concerned with that than with who is supposedly the best VP pick, Palin or Biden?

  3. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    Tony, I think it’s relevant for a couple of reasons:
    1) McCain is old and could be expected to die in office. She could be the Prez.
    2) A woman who is a) inexperienced, especially in foreign policy, b) a known prevaricator, c) a politician who circumvents political process to promote her own agenda, is the last thing the country needs. We have it in George Bush. Let it end there.

    There is an unbelievable assault on civil liberties going on right now in Minneapolis and in New Orleans. If gossip and innuendo is what’s necessary to make sure the McCain/Palin ticket doesn’t prevail, then call me Rona Barrett.

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    Look though, the liberal Democrats are attacking what they see as a ‘commoner’ and remaining quite about Biden, who is a hardened political hack of the worst sort. Actually, it is worse than that even, as they hold up the hardened hack as being more ‘experienced’ than Palin. Who the Hell wants that sort of experience in office and sees it better than someone like Palin? Not me. Why is it that liberals are always trying to tell the elites to pick the most apparently competent cons instead of somebody like Palin? Palin will have a seasoned group of nasty professional politicians behind her anyway.

    The Bush Administration was a team of hardened hacks with a buffoon that had pedigree at the top. Liberals have concentrated on the buffoon all these years as if that was what mattered the most? Well it wasn’t the main thing at all and it degraded the politics of our nation to make it out like it was.

    We shouldn’t be deluded by the personalities of the soap opera at all. There is a ruling class that dominates our country, and not just 1 or 2 top dogs. It is just pathetic to see conservatives and liberals alike play these trailer trashing games with each other all the time. We have to move beyond that sort of thing if we are ever able to make sense out of American realities. for ourselves and others. People outside the US look at this stuff and laugh through their tears as they cry… cry about how stupid Americans are.

  5. Avatar Ron says:

    When Obama gave his AIPAC speech, I realized he was woefully lacking in foreign policy experience, proficient in prevarication, and eager to circumvent the political process to promote his own agenda. Not news, of course, but a stark reminder that a chameleon is not always able to blend into the background.

    I think Sarah would make an excellent Vice President. Odd that I should agree with Dobson on this point, since I think he is fundamentally misguided. But, even though we disagree about why she would, it seems that few agree that she is even a reasonable choice.

    Obama, Biden, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Cheney, Nader, Chomsky, etc…, all agree, or would agree, that she would not be a reasonable choice. And, as far as I know, this is probably the only thing they would agree on. They would be echoed in their assessment by almost everyone who has thought even a bit about politics.

    That even her mother-in-law would voice her doubts seems to seal the deal.

    But, I think that Sarah, wrong as she might be on some matters, is not essentially a chameleon. The character of the recent flurry of activity on the blogs with respect to her selection indicates to me that almost all of her critics, and supporters, fail that test.

    I am not fond of chameleons, I like Sarah.

  6. Avatar tony logan says:

    Hey, Ron, have you read this Alternet commentary yet about Sarah?

    I think that this was about the funniest of all the commentaries I have read about Palin. She and Dick Cheney could work together quite well I think!

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