Spain reaches French Open final after all

Second game of French Open final between Roger Federer and Robin SoderlingIn the second game of the final match of the 2009 Roland Garros, a spectator leapt unto center court where he tried to drape Roger Federer in a flag. Television didn’t want to dignify the antic with explicatory coverage, as if the interruption was another Basque ETA outburst. It turns out the red and blue standard wielded by the nimble interloper represented Football Club Barcelona. Streaking is dead, no place for a logo.

1 thought on “Spain reaches French Open final after all

  1. dude was kind of silly, i saw the video, seemed harmless, needs a slap on the wrist, no more. I can see the concern that officials had, though, after that one tennis star got stabbed. Hope no one was injured.

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