Pimping gambling with the Preakness

Mine That Bird comes from behind
I have to admit I took my eyes off Mine That Bird. Again.

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Eric Verlo

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2 Responses to Pimping gambling with the Preakness

  1. Avatar Jeff says:

    You bunch of communists/ socialists/ leftists

    would all starve to death if it wasn’t for

    Republicans going to work every day for you

    to leach off a. Israel provides

    food, jobs and health care to Palestinians.

    The arab world offers only poverty, death,

    destruction and war to the Palestinians.

    You are surely Not My Tribe. I want nothing

    to do with you and your death and poverty.

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Oh, Jeffrey!!!!! You’re so manly! Thanks for letting us know how you feel…

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