Where’s the independence on Independence Day?

American FlagThe Fourth of July is celebrated as America’s ‘Independence Day’ but where’s the independence? Sure, you’re free to get drunk, barbecue up some meat product on the grill, shoot fireworks off dangerously, and run your mouth about why one just supposedly has to vote for McCain or Obama, BUT…

Yes, but where’s the independence in Independence Day? If you have low expectations don’t worry about it OK? But some of us do think about it some and we’re still working on obtaining Independence for ourselves, our families, and our communities. There’s really little to celebrate yet.

Look, Independence Day was a flawed day from the very beginning, and just like our many other very flawed national holidays like ‘Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, etc., it just lacks real substance big time. Can’t you sense that? The Fourth of July is just a very shallow celebration, with the flag waving and all. Americans do not have independence. No, we have no more independence than a group of serfs under the King once did. We are merely blinder and more ignorant than the serfs were, it seems.

We live in a top down authoritarian society, and our lives are ordered around to the most minuscule detail. The not so hidden hand of authoritarianism is everywhere, and it tells us how to think, and what to do. Many of the more daft of us don’t see it much though. We’re too busy earning the bread, shopping for bread, and shitting to notice how society is actually arranged. We don’t quite know why so many of us are miserable?

We see the guns, we see the orders, we see the lack of respect, but many of us just can’t seem to figure anything out. So some go to church, some take dope, some just smoke their cigarettes. Some sell Mary Kay, some sell real estate, some sell Amway, or do Ebay. Some play the lottery, some play Bingo, some shoplift for their gambling instead. Indian Casino anybody?

All this supposedly is a sign of liberty and independence, according to the pundits! Watch TV, play public radio on KRCC… you’ll see what I am saying. They’ll do their puff pieces about the Fourth.

But seriously? Where’s the independence on Independence Day? I don’t see it. It’s just not there.

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3 Responses to Where’s the independence on Independence Day?

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    It’s a not very gentle reminder that we overthrew one government and are always only a short distance from doing it again.

    Has a certain Anarchist flare to it, you know? Celebrating Rebellion, the overthrow of the established government and the wholesale slaughter of government officials.

    of course being told that it’s really a day for celebrating our Military Accomplishments, like losing every war since 1945, (GulfWarZ 1 doesn’t count because we’re still in it and we’re getting our arse pasted. BAD.)

    Radical Conformist Theology like Kim Il Jong only wishes his regime could accomplish.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Look what happens when you invert the EXXON sign:
    EXXON stars and stripes

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You are right! Exxon inverted looks strikingly like NAZI! Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO!

    Having grown up in Irving, Texas where this Satanic company is now headquartered, I have always believed that Nazis had some fundamental influence on this company. They even captured my mom’s brain, and my dad was a lifetime slave to these evil demonic creatures. I never though to inverse their logo and see just how profound the Nazism of this company actually is! It is now so obvious! NOXXE…

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