NMT to live-blog the Belmont Stakes!

The Patriots lost the Superbowl, presaging the break of America’s patriotic streak, relegating it to mud wrestling I thought. But the multimillionaire owners of Big Brown, one race away from the Triple Crown, decided their jockey should wear the Stars and Stripes. I want to be there while the otherwise favorite bites red white & blue hubris.

The 140th Belmont will be NotMyTribe’s first live-blogging exercise. Not too long. Ten minutes to post. I’m off to Google an image.

Image above. Now Big Brown’s trainer has guaranteed a win. More American Bring It On.

There they go! They’re off. Big Brown not far behind. Ichabod trails. On the outside Big Brown. Waits on the outside. Millions riding on this race. For all those unemployed hoping to to live off a bet on the horses.

A half mile to go. Marie’s up on her feet. Swinging her arms at the TV. She points out that Big Brown is last. Into the final 16th. A shocking something. 38 to 1 Da’Tara.

Stars and Stripes last. Hubris Baby.

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